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Recipes I've Shared:

Avocado "cream" sauce

Tastes super creamy, but no dairy! Raw, vegetarian.

"Pasta" and beef

Gluten/dairy free "pasta" using veggies

Black bean soup

Very simple, very tasty

Rice for stuffing

Versatile rice dish

Lowfat Alfredo Sauce

Substituting a light roux for cream used in traditional alfredo sauce helps make it a little healthier. Still, eat sparingly!

Oreo Granola

Yes, you can make this healthier by leaving out the white chocolate, but then it wouldn't be "oreo" granola it'd just be chocolate...

Schokobananen smoothie

Chocolate and banana smoothie WITH TOFU~~


Work crabcakes

Pineapple-blueberry crumble

This is very easy and versatile as well as inexpensive!

"Tom Kha Gai" Chicken

Like the soup, but lighter!

Matzo Balls!

Just your basic matzo ball here.

Chicken Soup

This is my grandma's recipe (mostly! missing an ingredient that I never learned) for a good Jewish chicken soup. There's no salt or anything extra in it, just chicken and vegetables.

Mishmosh Spring Rolls

Like with the miso, this is just stuff I found at the Asian market and herbs I had around the house

Miso Soup

This is my mishmosh version of miso soup using what I found at the local Asian store.

Flourless Chocolate Cake

We're selling these individually at work and they are incredibly fudgy and decadent at only about 140 calories per cake!

Brodi di Pesce

Quick Sicilian fish stew

Very Good (1 rating)
Mini meatballs

A family recipe, baked not fried so it's pretty low in fat.

Quick Squash Bisque

This has three to four main ingredients, takes barely any time, clocks in at 100 calories and 6g fiber per large serving.

Healthy Marsala Sauce

This recipe uses milk and roux instead of cream! To make it even better for you, use a cornstarch slurry instead of the roux.


My boyfriend's recipe, I can't stop eating it... on the plus side, it's pretty good for you!

Pumpkin-Chocolate-Nut Bread Pudding

A full flavored bread pudding clocking in at around 200 calories a serving, full of antioxidants.

Quick Fruit Compote

This is a great way to add a lot of flavor to pancakes, baked goods or yogurts and ice creams. The ingredients can easily be fiddled with to find your favorite combination!


A tasty, bright Ukranian borscht that is very filling and very healthy.

Basic Beef Stock

A very simple beef stock

Apple Crumble

Individual apple crumbles with a decent amount of fiber, lots of vitamins and minerals, and very low sodium! A side benefit: they are DELICIOUS and pretty filling.

Rye Pancakes

Pancakes with Rye Flour

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