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Recipes I've Shared:

Low Carb Thin Crepes

like the good ole crepes I use to make, but low carb :))


turns cauliflower into mashed "potatoes" :)

Best Low Carb Bread Ever

I've experimented A LOT with low carb breads and this is my best one ever, moist and light like normal carb heavy bread - but this one is all fiber and protein!

original flax crackers

for your cheese and paté, or your dippin' fix

Individual chicken bake

a baked chicken treat. I like to have this with a large green salad or you could serve this with steamed veggies also.

low carb wheat bran bread

if you're on a low carb diet and still wish for the convenience of bread products, like for burgers, sandwiches, a muffin... this is for you. Depending on your mood, this can be a bun, a muffin, toast, it can be sweet or savory, anything goes really!

Low Carb Tzatziki dressing and dip

Great as a veggie dip, salad dressing or with grilled chicken or pork, or beef! I put it on everything :) keeps for about a week, but it will not last that long though:)

Tom Yum flavor mix

to be used for flavoring anything you like :)

Tex Mex Chicken Stir Fry or Fajitas

This is a favorite at my house. I'm on a very low carb diet, and my husband is not. So I microwave a single serving of rice for him and serve the stir-fry on top for him. I eat mine on a large serving of romaine lettuce, with some low fat blue cheese dressing - always a treat!