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Recipes I've Shared:

Mango Banana Fruit Sorbet

Delicious just the way it is with the natural sweetness from the over ripe banana frozen and frozen mango. Yummy! Cool and Refreshing, for us Florida folks this time of year anyway.

Drea's Figure Friendly 100% Vegan Fruit Sorbet

Delicious refreshing frozen treat. This recipe is vegan however you can add honey or Agave or whatever to sweeten it up to taste.

Banana Pineapple Skinny Bread By LosingDrea

Ripe bananas and Libby's Skinny fruits with Sucrolose in place of sugar make for a great tasting and lo calorie snack treat

Cashew/Almond Banana Berry Cherry Cinnamon Protein Smoothie

Just my take on making a great smoothie to replace a meal that tastes great, is satisfying and controls my hunger sometime long past my next meal.

Drea's Copycat P.F. Chang's "Turkey" Lettuce Wraps

This recipe is a sure hit. I used Extra Lean Ground Turkey in place of chicken as used in the actual restaurant's version. The Sweet Chili Sauce gives it a little zip and some heat and can actually be omitted if you choose not to have the spice. It does give this dish that bit of sweetness as the original dish has but the hoison sauce sure is all you really need with that little bit of white rice vinegar for a true flavor I am sure you will enjoy.

Slow-Cooked Shredded BBQ Chicken With a Twist and Kick

I saw this recipe by #danispies of and I tweeted about it then decided since I had the ingredients to try it I would. I also had some Franks Red Hot Sweet Chili (Mild) sauce and if you ever had this stuff you would know its great on everything! So I added it in and that is where the twist and kick come in. Truly delicious and mouthwatering but could be cleaner if I made the BBQ sauce myself. Anyone who knows Dani knows she is all about cooking clean and Delicious! Being on a healthy lifestyle journey I surely appreciate her recipes, the style of her videos and her effort to help you cook clean and delicious.

Thai Coconut Peanut Chicken and Veggies

Very yummy peanutty sauce with chicken and veggies with crunch and such flavor.

Drea's Chicken Cacciatori - Bone Free

Boneless chicken breast simmered in crushed tomatos with onions and mushrooms. Easy way to meal prep up 4lbs of chicken.

Drea's Sweet Chili Chicken Slaw

Cole slaw with a little zip and the sweet deliciously cold mouthwatering flavors that will keep you coming back for more. Healthy and packed full of protein. The stuff I use in my Bust-A-Nut Rolls only without the roll (egg roll wrappers). Healthier for you and nothing is fried so you cutting out lots of fat and not any of the flavors. You can use Lite Mayo if you choose and use as much or as little mayo and sweet chili sauce as you like.

Mexican Hats - Taco in a Large Grill a Bella Mushroom Cap By Drea

Have a taco hold the shell...make it in a healthy 20 calorie (3oz) Mushroom Cap. AKA Mexican Style Pizza if you wish.

Egg Salad By Drea

Just my way of making it.

Drea's Copy Cat Bust A Nut Rolls

Cole Slaw, Chicken, Mozzarella Cheese, and sweet chili sauce in a fried egg roll wrapper.

Cabbage Soup Diet Drea's Way

I didn't follow any recipe just started with water, the whole 46 oz can of tomato juice and then started adding in veggies. A whole head of cabbage and the rest based on my liking mostly just 2 servings of each veggie added in. (See ingredients)

Chicken Stirfry Almond Ding Drea's Way

Delicious way of using my precooked Chicken Breast and having my veggies for the day with lots of healthy proteins and oil This recipe contains a ZERO Calorie Avocado oil cooking spray that I sauteed my veggies and chicken in. It came out amazing!

Shrimp and Vegies

This tastes like a dish made in a Chinese restaurant. It makes a little juice for some soup but unless you add more broth you won't get much soup divvying it up for 3.

Egg Salad

Red Onions, Celery and Basil make for a nice mix in with hard boiled eggs and and Hellman's with Olive Oil Mayonnaise.

Mock Meat Buritos by Drea

These are so delicious they truly have you thinking your eating meat. Even my cats were loving this stuff when I gave them some.

Drea's figure Friendly Baked Rice Pudding

This is my figure friendly version of a traditional Turkish Favorite.

Baked Rice Pudding By Drea

Just for the nutrition facts! This is a family recipe that my father made for us when he was alive. Other than for the addition of the extra Almond Milk I added to it since I should have made it with 3 cans of Evaporated milk and only originally used 2 12oz cans.

Shrimp, Cabage, Leeks, Carrots, Mushrooms & Water Chesnuts

I need to enter the nutrition facts but this stuff was really very yummy!

Ground Beef With Cabbage & Other Veggies in The Slow Cooker By Drea

I did not take this from a recipe, just put this soup together with ingredients I had left over after making a recipe from the 7 Day Cabbage Diet Soup I made earlier on in the week.

Cabbage Soup - SHD - 7 Day Diet Soup

The same recipe for the infamous 7 day diet Cabbage soups however I have added more veggies to make it more of a hearty soup than just soup.

Shrimp and Collard Greens By Drea

Okay so I never heard of it before but I was hungry at just after 6am because I just got off work and I have to eat because starving myself has proved to not be working for me. Collard greens are very low in calories and carbs per serving and I thought why the heck not. I had 3-3oz servings of pre-cooked shrimp that was frozen and I figured this was easy and all of it, the whole can of greens and all 3 servings of shrimp is under 300 Calories, has only 3grams of fat, 7 Carbs, a whopping 58grams of Protein and 7grams of Fiber to boot! It makes a huge portion for one and I am hoping after I eat it I the greens go right through me! I want to lose allot of weight between now and my next weigh in on New Years Day 2012! Not just that but it only took about 5 minutes to prepare and cook!

Dark Chockolate Dairy Free 45 calorie Per Serving Ice Cream

Okay everyone this is a figure friendly treat your sure to love. Its only 45.5 calories and 0.05 grams of fat, so adding in Almonds, Cashews, Pecans, Macadamia Nuts, Walnuts or other types of peanuts won't kill your figure with this great treat everyone is sure to love. You can have it over a Fiber One 90 Calorie brownie for an indulgent treat you will want to come kiss me for this recipe!!!

I use a Deni 540 Small 1.5 Quart ice Cream maker which uses a Container you freeze rather than one you need salt and all that.
Alternatively you can make this in your blender though it won't be as thick and frozen but still will make a nice cold frosty treat. You can also use the method of placing the ingredients into a small zip-lock baggie inside of a larger Zip-Lock Baggie with salt and ice in it and you get your shake on LOL

Colorful Pepper Shrimp With Mushrooms and Scallions

Just as the title implies. Small salad pepers in red, yellow and orange cut into rings with Scallions and sliced white raw mushrooms sauteed with pre-cooked frozen shrimp that has been cleaned, De-veined, and tails taken off ready to just thaw and eat or thaw, heat and eat! Yummy!!!

Cabbage Kielbasa Onions & Noodles Drea Style

This is a dish I learned to make many years ago when I lived in Connecticut. I had a roommate "Cindy" who said it was a food her Grandma used to make and of course bringing back the familaraity of home and Grandma you know it was comfort food to her. For me it contains noodles "Pasta" which is always comfort food to me. The cabbage makes it look like there is allot of food on your plate and mixed with noodles even more. You probably would not be able to finish a single serving in just 1 sitting.

Chicken, Shrimp and Vegetable Shish Kabobs Over Brown Rice

These shish kabobs are surely a hit for any gathering, party, lunch or any occasion. My family and I enjoyed them for dinner over brown rice. Packed full of Healthy Goodness at almost 46 Grams of Protein and really low in fat and carbs these are sure to be liked by all and can be made in an indoor grill pan.

Pear, Strawberry, Blueberry, Banana, Fat Free Milk Smoothie

Another yummy smoothie I made to use up a pear that was on its way to seeing better days. I figured what else could I put into the smoothie and needed some frozen fruit to make it more cool and smoothie like so I added in the Strawberries and blueberries. Someone left the freezer open a bit and those strawberries were defrosted so I used what was left in the bag which was 2 cups. So here it was and man was it delicious!

Polish Kielbasa and Sauerkraut (High Sodium Dish)

A delicious take on a Hungarian dish that is easy to make, contains only two (2) ingredients, is quick to prepare and cook and costs less than $5 to make and will feed up to 7.
*This dish is high in Sodium! Can be a nice side dish or eaten itself as a complete main dish meal.

Pepper Shrimp With Mushrooms and Onions

This dish was delicious. Would have been good over rice or pasta, however it was yummy all on its own.

Pumpkin Banana Fat Free Smoothie By Drea

A great way to use up that extra canned pumpkin you may have left over from another recipe as I did. Not for those who are watching their sugar or carb intake. This one is almost 10g protein but has loads of carbs and sugars. With that said I would not suggest having this one all the time but certainly a great one for those who work out hard and need that cook energy drink that is quick and easy to make and take on the go.

Talapia Fish and Shrimp Civiche With Mango Drea Style

This is delicious!

I use my Mango Salsa Recipe with the added juice from 1 Extra Lime (approximately 2 Tbsp) which I use to soak the Raw "Talapia" Fish in which allows it cook basically.

Can be a refreshingly cool snack, or terrific side dish/salad.

Slow Cooker Chicken Soup-O-Veggies

Chicken Soup made in the slow cooker with potatoes, yellow squash, zucchini, carrots and onions. Healthy, low in fat, low in carbs, while high in potassium, fiber and protein.

Shredded Chicken in The Slow Cooker With Tomatoes Okra & Corn

A delicious nutritious dish that you can double up on the portion size and still not break any points or daily calorie quotas.

Strawberry, Blueberry, Banana Fat Free Skim Milk Smoothie

A wonderful delicious smoothie Recipe that makes 2 Hearty 16 Oz (2 Cup) Servings or 4 Yummy 8oz (1 Cup) Treats or 1 - 16oz, 1 - 8oz smoothies and 8 1oz Frozen Freezer Pops. Great for a meal, snack, and or deserts.

Vegetable Stuffing With Apples Drea Style

A nice side dish for holiday feast that is figure friendly. I think it contained way to much mushrooms and onions and I would have liked if it was more together. Perhaps adding an egg or even some egg whites or egg substitute would have made this dish better than it was. My Family loved it so I am sharing it.

Mock Candied Yams With Butternut Squash, Apples & Pineapple

This was my take on candied sweet potatoes. I personally did not think it was the best I could do and perhaps its because I love candied yams so much that I really was looking for a taste and texture I just was not getting from this dish. My husband who does not like sweet potatoes loved it and ate the whole serving I gave him and my mother also loved and complimented this dish. I am going to bake it more than I had and see if that helps the texture.

Green Bean Cassarole Drea Style

My take on the traditional recipe to enjoy for the holiday feasts, or served for lunch or dinner no matter the occasion.

Fat Free 2 Minute Strawberry Banana Smoothie

A delicious nutritious smoothie that is quick and easy to make with fresh or frozen fruits and its FAT FREE!

Spaghetti and Red Clam Sauce

Just a dish I make thats easy, quick and figure friendly, packed with lots of fiber and protein but is low in calories and fat!

Lean Turkey Sausage With Button Mushrooms, Classico Tomato Basil Marinara over Spaghetti Squash

Just what the title implies, a nice low carb, low fat alternative to the Original Italian Sausages and Sauce over Pasta recipe.

Seafood Combo With Mushrooms Sauteed over Whole Grain Pasta

Frozen style precooked seafood Paella mix with Frozen shrimps, whole white raw mushrooms halved and sauteed in a figure friendly buttery spread with seasoning and garlic over whole grain pasta style noodles.

Berry Banana Pineapple Pear Fat Free Skim Milk Smoothie

Filling to give you fuel, has lots of sugars though all from fruits. Packed full of fiber

White Chocolate Mousse Treat

Just some Sugar Free - Fat Free Desert you will love without the guilt. Easy to make, quick to prepare.

Polish Stuffed Cabbage Drea Style

This is a recipe that was my grandmother's. I recently saw it on a fellow YouTuber's video though it was missing the egg and had beef and pork which is the original version of this dish. I substitute beef and pork with 99% Lean Ground Turkey and I use V* Vegetable Juice instead of Tomato Juice though its basically the same other than for 7 added veggies that plain tomato juice does not have and I used Low Sodium as well as the added salt to the stuffing mix is Sea Salt. I was going to add in Spinach and Carrots into the stuffing but instead this time around I am going to use only the Large Outside leaves from 2 Cabbages and use the smaller leaves from the inside to chop or shred up and mix into the stuffing for the cabbages so that I use less ground turkey and still have enough filling to make at least 25-30 Cabbage rolls depending on cabbage - with Approximately 4-5 Tbsp of Filling in each..

Fat Free Strawberry Banna Smoothie

A yummy treat that quick and easy to make, just 4 simple ingredients and low in calorie so you can add in more fruit if you like.

Chicken Parm Baked Casserole By Drea

A delicious and healthy way to eat a favorite Italian Dish and not feel one bit of guilt.

Drea's Turkey Veggie Burger

Just like my Chicken Veggie Burger only with Lean Ground White Turkey and a bit more Fresh Raw Spinach.

Pumpkin Vanilla Whip Mousse By Drea

A yummy take on Weight Watchers Pumpkin Mousse recipe though I replace the Butterscotch Pudding with Vanilla, add 1/2 cup more Fat Free Whipped Cream and add more per serving and still its a yummy delicious low calorie, almost no fat and 5 Grams of Protein treat.!

You wont even be able to finish this whole serving in one sitting its so filling and truly satisfying, I actually was feeling very guilty while eating it though there is clearly nothing to be guilty about!

Easy Side Salad of Greens With Fat Free Italian Dressing

Side salad can easily feed 2 people though the calories are so little why not fill up and enjoy.

Drea's Chicken Veggie Burger

This is a low calorie healthy sized patty that is not heavy on the waist with only 9grams of fat and 186 Calories per Patty its quite filling alone without the bun and packed with 22.8 Grams of Protein to help hold your hunger at bay for quite a while and it absolutely tastes great.

* With an Arnold or other brand if available 100 Calorie Honey Wheat or Rye Sandwich Thin add 100 Calories
** With 2 slices of Whole or Honey Wheat 35-40 calories per slice add 70-80 calories.
*** With a salad of Romain lettuce, Baby Spinach and some cut up Sugar Snap Peas with 2 Tablespoons No Fat Italian Dressing add 57 Calories

Drea's Slow Cooker Pot Roast With Veg & Potatoe

A delicious take on my already delicious recipe less the McCormick seasoning.

Pizzalicious Pizza

This is a healthy alternative to restaurant style takeout/delivery pizza. If your having a craving but don't wish to break the calorie, fat or even carb gram bank then this recipe will certainly help satisfy that craving and keep you on track with your decision to be a healthier you.

Very Good (3 ratings)
Shreaded Chicken In Tomatoes With Peas Over Wide Egg Noodles

A Delicious Slow-cooked Concoction.

Yummy Anytime Banana Berry Smoothie By Drea

A great tasting smoothie packed with healthy fruits, vitamins and delicious nutrition that is good for you. Excellent meal replacement that is quick, and both easy to make and take on the go!

Mushroom, Onions & Baby Spinach Sauteed Steak Topping

Vegetables sauteed in butter with seasoning

Very Good (4 ratings)
Full-O-Fruit (Apples, Raisins,& Pineapple) Bread Pudding

Your going to love this recipe. I just threw it together using some sliced 40 calorie per slice bread that was not as fresh as my family or I desire for sandwiches. I wanted to make a healthy treat that was no t yogurt but did not have much more Calories or fat than yogurt and I pretty much did it!

Super Broiled Grouper Drea's Style

A lite healthy dinner which can be eaten with potato, rice, pasta, with just vegetables or just by itself. Though butter is used in the recipe to cook with much of it is left behind in the broiling pan. Each 4 oz fillet is only 100 calories each so a single person could actually enjoy all 3 servings without worry of going over ones caloric values for the day.

Beeferoni Drea Style

A twist on Beef Macaroni Mexican Style with Corn and Mushrooms in seasoned Diced Tomatoes with Basil, Garlic and Oregano.

White Fish & Veggies Stew By Drea

Slow Cooked Whiting Filets in seasoned Sauce with Vegetables over Wide Egg Noodles. For those who like to ea

Drea's Slow Cooked Chicken Breasts in Gravy With Veggies

Tender boneless breasts of chicken smothered in Chicken Gravy with Cut Green Beans, Carrots and Whole White Potatoes Slow Cooked to delicious perfection.

Drea's Slow Cooked Chicken Breasts with Spiked Tomatoes and Cut Green Beans

Skinless Boneless Chicken Split Chicken Breasts slow cooked in Canned Diced Tomatoes which were spiked with Green Peppers and Onions in the Slow Cooker topped with Cut Green Beans

Very Good (1 rating)
Ground Beef Noodles and Beef Gravy With Sweet Green Peas

This is a quick easy meal. Quite filling and very tasty.

Drea's Slow Cooker Stew

Boneless Beef Chuck meat Slow cooked on high Diced Tomatoes with Green Peppers and Onions, and Sweet Peas wiht a bit of Sazon Seasoning over No Yokes wide Egg Noodles. * Can substitute meat for leaner cuts of beef, chicken, or even fish.

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