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Simple lamb stew

I ended up with 600g (roughly a pound and a third) of lamb after taking off all the fat from a boneless leg roast, so I'm guessing the roast was around 1.5 pounds, but this recipe doesn't require precision, so use what you have. All the quantities are that way with stew, and since the only seasoning here is salt and pepper, you won't mess anything up if you mess with the ratios.

Easy Homemade Fennel Sausage

Adapted from a recipe by Mark Bittman

Serene's basic tomato sauce

Nothing fancy; just a quick, basic tomato sauce for pasta or the base of other sauces.

Very Good (3 ratings)
Red-and-green layered eggs

An attractive Christmas brunch item, because when you cook it, the greens stay on the bottom, and the red floats to the top, so you have red-white-green layers, basically.

Very Good (3 ratings)
Maura's one-ounce rolls

These tiny, crusty rolls are just about an ounce apiece and they're so good!

Maura's lamb neck stew (slow cooker, oven, or stovetop)

Lamb necks are super-cheap, make very flavorful stew, but are a bit of a pain in the lamb neck to deal with, since they're so bony. Still, this stew is delicious.

Maura's homemade tomato soup

You don't have to blend this at the end, but it's more vegetable-soup-ish and less tomato-soup-ish if you don't.

Also, I weigh all my ingredients in grams, so the volumes are a little off. For instance, I used 7 g olive oil, which is a little under the 2 tsp. noted here. I'll put my measures in parentheses so you can get the nutrition spot on if you want.

Red pepper hummus, per 1/4 cup

If you leave out the red pepper, use some of the reserved bean liquid instead for moisture.

Maura's 100% whole wheat dinner rolls

I use a bread machine for this most of the time, but you can use a mixer or do it by hand. If you aren't sure how to do that, I can tell you; just message me!

Kimchi soup, 2-cup serving

This can be made so many ways that it feels silly to put down a recipe, but I needed the nutritional data for it anyway. :-) Also good with any meat you have on hand, (shrimp, chinese sausage, turkey breast, whatever) or with none at all. We also LOVE it with Clamato instead of V-8.

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