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Berry Blend Smoothie

Easy and nutritional!

Strawberry Chocolate Pie

Best to use fresh berries - can be strawberries or a mixed blend.

Diedre's Veggie Mix

The best veggie mix for lo-carb eating!

Aunt Bea's Peanut Salad

Named for my wonderful Aunt Bea who always had a smile on her face and a refrigerator packed full of goodies. This is an adaptation of her salad to lower the carbs, but still carries her memory!

Spicy Rub Fish

Use this rub for any fish - works especially well with mild white fish like Talapia

Breakfast Nut Granola

Gluten Free, Grain Free, Sugar Free, Dairy Free breakfast cereal option!

Crustless Low Carb Key Lime Pie

A crustless variation of the Keebler readycrust recipe

Alexx's Dinner Salad

My husband loves iceberg lettuce but when I chop the kale and spinach finely and mix it with the iceberg and these tasty ingredients he doesn't notice the added nutrition.

Lo Carb Heart Healthy Granola

This granola is full of flavor and yet with a low glycemic level. It's gluten free too!

Low Carb Chicken Chili

This is a no-bean, low-carb tasty version of chili. It's hot!!

Caesar Salad with Gruyere Croutons-Diabetic Diet

This is from Richard Bernstein's Diabetic Diet -Low Carb.

Green Eggs Sauce for Omelet

Sauce for omelet or a base for soups or pesto

Chicken Vege Casserole - Gluten Free, Low Sodium

A nice way to get lots of vegetables into a dish.

Raspberry Sauce

Topping for pancakes instead of syrup

Garlic Gingered Carrots

A wonderful alternative to cooked carrots - these are a dreamy, creamy whipped version that is sure to delight everyone - including those who don't like carrots!

Mixed Peppers and Mushrooms

A great mixture to serve with a protein and starch.

Walnut Pepper Waldorf salad

Instead of celery I use bell peppers. I prefer romaine lettuce but my husband will only eat iceberg.

Creamed Tunafish for toast

Recipe is changed from a standard cream sauce and vegetables are added to make this more appropriate for a diabetic diet. It is still high in fat and protein, but by using olive oil instead of butter and cornstarch instead of flour, some calories are reduced and nutrients improved. I make this for four and freeze what isn't used.

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alexx low carb
Diedre's Cookbook of 15
This is a cookbook of particular interest to people with diabetes and heart healthy meal planning needs. There will be 15 meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner categories suggested from a compilation of low-carb, low-sugar, healthy-fat/protein recipes that are tasty and fun to make.