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Recipes I've Shared:

Avocado Butter

Use as a butter substitute. Slightly higher calories, lower fat, and better fats. also adding a fruit, which is always a good thing.

Snow Cream

Winter's Favorite Treat

Pressure Canning - Bean Soup w/ Ham

Now that there are just two of us, I find that there are some meals that don't make sense to cook anymore.. things like bean soup, vegetable soup, spaghetti sauce. Unfortunately these are meals my husband and I really enjoy, so I had to find a way to make it work.

Canning is the answer. I can make these meals once, can them, and have them multiple times by just heating up a jar of food.

Dinner just got a whole lot easier.

Mashed Potato Puffs

This is a great use for leftover mashed potatoes

Slow Cooker French Toast

Warm, fruity goodness

Chicken Soup Base

Add dumplings or noodles for a full bodied dish

Collards & Bacon / Pressure Cooker / From the garden

If picking out of the garden first soak in vinegar water solution to clean leaves, then roll up and chiffonade cut leaves.

Queso Salsa Dip

Taken from

Cream of Kale Soup

This is NOT a low fat recipe
I use chopped kale stems for this recipe

Kale Stems w/ Onion & Garlic

What to do with the stems from kale? They're amazingly nutritious so why waste them? This dish is very crunchy and full of summer flavor.

Margarita Chicken

The freshness of summer. Top baked chicken with provolone cheese and diced tomatoes, add a touch of basil and oregano, and enjoy!

Zucchini Pizza

Large zucchini fresh from the vine are key to this dish. It's hard to find zucchini large enough in the store.

Shrimp Rockefeller (made with Kale)

At our house we love Shrimp Rockefeller. This year in our garden we planted a bunch of kale plants, and as you may know kale just keeps on coming. Kale has a more strong flavor than spinach, and adds a more robust texture to this dish as well.

Pair with some good french bread and goat cheese for a delicious full meal.

PInto & Black Bean Soup

Great use for a leftover ham bone

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Pass the Potatoes
Other Side Dishes
several of these recipes I'm keeping just for the freezing directions.
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