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Mean Green Juice Drink

Raw veggie/fruit drink using a juicer - great energizer

My Greek Salad

I was lucky enough to spend a week on one of the Greek islands the summer of 2013 and when I ordered a Greek Salad I was surprised to see there was no lettuce or pepperoni or hot peppers it was just cucumber tomato and onion and sometimes green pepper. It was so much more refreshing than what you get in the states that I needed to make my own version. I hope others enjoy

Incredible! (2 ratings)
Visalus Vi-Shape Shake - basic milk and Shake mix

This is the basic shake without anything other than ice, milk, and shake mix

The Ham small hand tossed salad

This is a new salad I am getting from Heavenly Ham - I have changed to the smaller portion and exchanged hard boiled egg and bacon bits for cottage cheese and craisins

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