Recipes I've Shared:

Mom's homemade peach pizza

Peach Pizza, Family recipe from way back when.

Home made chicken nuggets

Low fat 10 piece chicken nuggets

Tennessee Poor Boy's Breakfast Omelet

Get your morning started right with this filling Breakfast Omelet!

Raspberry Banana Omaga 3 Smoothie Blast!!

Do you need a Energy Boost to start your day or an After Workout Recovery Drink, Try this low fat Smoothie with Flax Seed. 24oz's of hunger filling nutrition!

Home made Baked blackbeans

Don't Buy baked beans for 2.00/can. Make your own.. In bulk.

Omega 3 Rich Berry Smoothie

Sweet breakfast treat full of Omega 3's to start your day.

Grilled Tilapia marinaded 24hrs

Marinaded fish like you have never had it before

Recipe Collections I've Shared:

250lbs and counting down..
Howdy I'm Glenn, This is some of the foods I'm eating to loose weight and Loving it. I love to cook and with that In mind it lets me add the few extra flavors to foods that I like.