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Lentil Soup with Vegetables Low in Sodium

This is my take on vegetables and lentil soup.

Honey Oats & Barley Bread

Great bread for toasting and when I make myself I know what goes into it. It is real bread and will mold if you leave it on the counter.

Zucchini Veggie Chicken Soup

Love using up my veggies this way. What ever I have that's what I use.

Palo Coconut Porridge

Here is my version of porridge I saw some place on line, I changed it up a bit, added a few things and cut out the oils.

Cranberry probiotic Morning Drink

In place of GT's Kombucha Synergy. I use frozen berries and banana, which makes it freeze quick in my vita mix, hence a little hot coffee to thaw it a little. I have made it frozen for ice cream replacement, but still need to add a little water or liquid to thaw enough for blending.

Blue happy smoothie

Antioxidants in the berries and probiotics in the yogurt

Blueberry oats and PB

Breakfast idea. same as the banana and oats. Sub with any fruit.

Chicken Tumeric Stew

Vegetable and chicken soup alternative

Apple pie muffins

Don’t peel the apples. Unpeeled apples are healthier, there is less waste, and you can barely tell in this recipe
it is easy to make your own. I add about 1/4 cup of store bought buttermilk to a few cups of milk, then let it sit overnight (in the winter, I put it in the microwave with the light on, since our house gets cold at night). When it has thickened to the consistency of buttermilk, it is ready to go back to the refrigerator and become part of your next recipe. (The substitutions you see for buttermilk, usually milk plus lemon juice, will work for proper rising, but will not add the same flavor as buttermilk)

oatmeal chia pancakes

Quick and easy breakfast pancakes. Very filling!

Braised Vegetables

Braising is a cooking method similar to sautéing,
but with liquid.

Basic Chicken Soup

It seems I never have all the veggies I need for this soup. Like celery, but it is good even without it. When I have it I use about a cup chopped. Sometimes I also use tomatoes.

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