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Recipes I've Shared:

breakfast egg poppers

cake pop machine breakfast recipe

rice patty burgers

vegetarian, vegan if you don't use beef gravy or eggs. substitute as need for dietary requirements.

blue berry clafoutis

clafoutis from chef john at foodwishes. com
341 calories 5.5g fat

homemade pasta

the numbers are scary on this dough - astronomical, but when i figure out how many tortellini i can make i will have a better idea of calories and fat.

florentine remake

created this recipe to use with some spinach i got from the farmers market. 296 calories and 8g fat.

organic pizza dough

divided by 2 this makes 2 family size pizzas. i divide by 4 for large pizzas for 2. so you can divide by 8 and get individual pizzas. for individual - 282 calories and 7g fat. you can use low calorie butter spread product if desired.


chee is nearly cheese, it doesnt exactly taste like cheese but its pretty good. the real benefit is low fat, no dairy, and vitamins galore.

day-after-tacos mini fritattas

you could add cheese if you eat that. also cold lettuce and tomato as a side makes this a great brunch item.
make any necessary adjustments on quantities for your leftovers.

lemon tomato chicken pasta w spinach

you can replace spinach with basil or whatever herb you like. i would try parsley, lemon basil, lemongrass paste.

Recipe Collections I've Shared:

fishy friday
newest addition to my meal plan, this is going to take some time for hubby to appreciate. he doesnt like new things. and he doesnt want fish.
wacky wednesday
wierd and wacky ingredient ive not had the pleasure of using before. usually from the health food store. examples nutritional yeast and quinua
turkey tuesday
turkey on tuesday, need i say more.
thrifty thursday
thrifty with calories and fat grams. made over versions and the like. i like to keep my dinners under 10g fat.
ninja clender mega-kitchen system
recipes I use the ninja for