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Recipes I've Shared:

Spanish Pork

This is done with pork loin, but can be done with chicken - Best cooked in a slow cooker
Use water instead of oil to seal the meat to lower fat option

Ian's Spag Bol

My version of spagetti bologanaise.
To lower the count seal the meat with water instead of oil and leave out the wine

2 egg Ham and Mushroom Omelette

Just a simple omelette - fillings to suit

Slow cook Beef Stew and Red Wine

A good slow cook stew. I put it on the night before when we are going to have a busy day and will arrive home starving

Left overs make a good lunch as a broth.

Any veg will do really and the oil is optional

Stir Fry Chicken in Hosin Sauce

This is just a guide you can stir fry any veg you like, also this recipe is "bulked up" with chicken as I have no noodles or rice with it

lamb Diapiaza Curry

Lamb curry using Loyd Grossman Jar