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Hersheys Sugar free choc ship cookies

By chance as i was walking through the local walmart i saw some sugar free chocolate chips by Herseys and the recipe for these cookies on the back, but supped almond flour.

Better shortbread

A happy mistake sprung forth by the desire to make sugar-free chocolate chip cookies, I ended up with a more short-bread type of cookie that's very suitable as a base for most drop cookies.

Lemon Slushie

Exactly as the tile says. I make the Virgin version because I like it by it's self, I also use splenda, so remember to recalc for sugar if you use it instead.

Diabetic-freindly chocolate morsels

As I looked into furthering my options for lowing calorie and carbohydrates, I became dismayed at the price of pre-made sugar-free chocolate - two dollars for .02 oz of chocolate. Being the frugal lady i am, i searched for an alternative!

Brown rice apple crisp

stolen from the back of an instant rice package and altered for use with splenda and nut-free

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