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Recipes I've Shared:

Ricotta Cheese Bake for Bariatric Soft Foods Diet

Pre or post-op, this is a recommended recipe, already in the system, the number of servings didn't match what I made, so I am entering this as a 12 muffin version instead of one larger pan.

Stuffed chicken breast w/kale, onion & garlic

Threw this together with what I had on hand. So good!

Christen's Staple Raw Smoothie

This is our staple recipe for one of our favorite family raw smoothies. There are 5 of us, our youngest just 11 months, and EVERYONE drinks this smoothie and loves it. I find they ask for more. It tastes sweet, but is packed with the awesome benefits of kale, spinach and carrots, and you can add protein powder to up the protein levels.

Onion Ring Alternative - YUMMY!

My family and I LOVE onion rings, but have given them up until today! I was cooking up some steak & it came to mind to sautee some onions as a topper for the steak, and this is what unfolded! It's super yummy and both my husband and I felt like we were eating onion rings, only not deep fried & super easy to make!

Great Green Smoothie - done like Whole Foods' Farmer's Garden Smoothie - 16oz

I couldn't find any nutrition information on the Whole Food website for this smoothie I had today, so I remembered the ingredients and added them here so I can get the nutritional information.

My 1st Stir Fry Off the Cuff - with Couscous

Picked up fresh from our CSA - an organic farm, I just used most of what I picked up in our share and it came out awesome! The crushed red pepper is optional, but gives it a kick that is complimented well with a dusting of parmesean cheese when ready to eat.

I am adding this to my regular menu, even when the season ends. Delicious!

Amazing Kale Salad

A friend made this for a women's luncheon and it was amazing! Never knew fresh kale could be eaten without cooking it because of how it's known to be tough.

As the days go on, the salad gets better! Recipe says 8 servings, but we add more kale and it lasts all week for our family. :-)

Delicious Whole Wheat Bread - Milk and Egg FREE!

This is a recipe that was passed on to me and I just made it for the first time.

It's very basic in its ingredients, which is the best part, and it came out looking like it was store-bought, but I made it! LOL

It has a sweet flavor, is very moist and this recipe is for 1 regular size loaf of bread. The slices will vary by how thick you slice it, but when sliced at about a half inch, you can easily get 18-20 slices.

Summer Fruit & Veggie Frappe - Meal Replacement or Dessert

I made this because my children are anti-healthy food of any kind right now, and with the summer heat this is a great way to make sure they (as well as I) get the nutrients needed that often are lacking, especially when everyone has a sweet tooth!

This is great as a meal replacement if you're in a rush, but I recommend having it with a good piece of protein, like chicken breast or an egg-white omelet.

Protein Rich Beef Stew w/Edamame & Kale - 20g Protein Per Serving!

This is another "toss it in" crock pot meal based on what I happened to have on hand. It came out awesome!

20.5g Protein per 1 serving, approx 1c - LOVE that!


Crustless Quiche w/Kale, Onions & Peppers

This is my own concoction using what I had on hand. The cheese is the only part I didn't skimp on for flavor. Everything else is I made healthier options, like unbleached, whole wheat flour.

It came out great!

Homemade "Good Morning" Juice - a recipe for your Juicer

My children do NOT like to eat their veggies and only my daughter will eat certain fruits fresh, so for Christmas we were gifted with a juicing machine and found the perfect concoction to get them some fresh fruits & veggies without them knowing it!

We call this our Good Morning Juice and is SO yummy everyone (including me) wants more. LOL

"Easy Button" Crock Pot Chicken Soup

I ran out of room in my freezer for all the bags of veggies I had, even a couple duplicates, so I organized it and kept out what I thought would be good in a soup, especially since the flu is going around & my son has it.

This is a mild, super easy soup that VERY healthy and you can modify it however like, adding noodles, onions, etc.

This recipe is the most basic, what I made tonight, and everyone LOVED it! Especially if you're under the weather, this really hit the spot and wasn't hard to digest.

Chicken & Feta Burger Experiment Gone GOOD! Low fat, Low Carb, Low Calorie!

Trying out different seasonings to flavor up ground chicken for a better burger. I just winged it and wrote down what I put in as I went along. It was so yummy that my husband wanted seconds! I loved it too!

Incredible! (1 rating)
Easy Chicken & Kale Stew - Slow Cooker Meal 4-6 servings

I just threw this together today with what I had on hand and just hearing the details about Kale and how awesome and healthy it is for you I wrote down everything I put in. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

My Spin - An Easy Slow Cooker Beef Stew 194 cals per serving!

I came up with this variation on my own, using what I had on hand, as I usually do. I added in Curry Powder and switched out the regular flour with whole wheat, unbleached flour. I also found that Extra Lean Stew Beef is becoming more available and it comes out just as "melt-in-your-mouth" tender as the regular, more fattening stew chunks can be. My husband LOVED it and so did I, and we're picky eaters. LOL

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