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Carrot bread buns

Take the carrots and put them into a juicer, take the pulp and measure 2 cups, then take the carrot juice and measure 200 g (or just everything).

Mix 300 g warm water, the yeast, sugar and salt to a bowl.

Then put the egg and the pulp, all the grain and the dates that you cut before into the bowl (I always cut the dates with scissors, I find that easier).

Mix it all together and spread some LOVE over it :)

Put the flour into the mix and make a dough out of it. Perhaps you need more flour or less, but that is ok :)

Make the dough rise for 30 minutes, make 25-30 buns out of the dough, and make them rise for 10 minutes.

I like to add some grains over the top of the buns, so I add water or egg over the them and then put the grains over it.

Put in a preheated (200 C) for 15 minutes (2 plates), or until it is ready... ENJOY!

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Lime and Mint Chicken

Delicious and fresh Chicken recipe with mint and lime.

First you have to make a marinate out of one lime, sea salt, olive oil and the mint.

Take one lime and rasp the skin into a bowl, take the juice from the lime and squeeze it to the bowl and the chopped mint. Finally add the salt. Mix it together and put it over and under the chicken skin.

Slice the second lime and put over the chicken and wait about two hours.

Before you put the chicken into the oven take the lime that is on top of the chicken and put it to the side of the chicken legs, and spice with coriander and cayenne pepper. This is done so the skin will be crisp.

Put into the preheated (200 C) oven for 45 minutes.

Cookie for the runner

These cookies was made one day when I so wanted something unhealthy but I decided to try to make some healthy sweets :)

Mango and Banana icecream

Put everything to the blender and mix is all together. If you want to add some other sweetener then splenda that is ok :)

When everything is mixed together put it some container of your choice :)

Bread for runners

This recipe makes two breads and is one of my favorite bread :)

Apple and plum

When coming home from work

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