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Recipes I've Shared:

Breakfast oat chia sunflower bombs

These breakfast bars are similar to Flapjacks, it not as sweet or gooey.

Rhubarb upside-down cake

Another way to keep rhubarb interesting

Spicy Thai cellophane noodle salad

Quick and easy. This is a great fresh meal that will cause your tastebuds to dance.

Spelt pudding

Spelt is a high fiber grain and is an excellent substitute for rice in a pudding.

homemade granola

Making your own granola base allows for more creative flavors and is economical to boost.

rasberry chocolate cheesecake in a bowl

Deparate for the creamyness of cheesecake paired with fresh berries and a tease of chocolate- I came up with this no bake, easy to make version of cheesecake.

Cheesy Bean & Rice Enchiladas

Enchiladas are the perfect way to combine leftovers into something tasty. These vegetarian beauties can be easily adapted to incorperate extra veg, shrimp, chicken, beans, etc.

left over winter veg soup

When you need a pick me up

Wild mushroom and leek soup

Prevent winter colds with a warm bowl of mushroom, leek, garlic soup.

Turkey with tonnato sauce

This tuna sauce is generally served cold over very thinly sliced pork (or in this case- Turkey) for a simple second course during an Italian lunch.

Very Good (1 rating)
Farro spring season salad

Spelt, wheat berries, however you want to call this nutty ancient grain is served in many tuscan homes during the spring. Toss it in your rice cooker to make life even easier.

Incredible! (1 rating)
Tuscan Tuna-Bean salad

Just outside of Pisa, Italy is a little green shack that serves only this salad for lunch. Oddly enough, you usually see construction workers and blue collar men eating there! Viva Italia

Very Good (4 ratings)
Tramezzini tonno e uovoa

The Italian don't view sandwiches quiet the same as we do. These are served as quick "between little snacks"...tra..mezz....ini. I added this only so I could know the calorie content of my normal breakfast!

Very Good (1 rating)
melon and prosciutto

The Italians have a way of mixing taste together that will surprise your senses. This is usually served as an appitizer course, but add some focaccia and a green salad and you've got an easy no cook meal!

Italian Chicken-grilled vegetable Panini

Looking for something exciting to do for lunch with your leftover chicken breasts? Or maybe you're trying to sneak in more vegetables? These tasty sandwiches are easy to make and even easier to pack for lunch. Add a piece of fruit and you have all 4 food groups met!

Pasta all' Funghi

Pasta doens't have to be drowned in red commercialized sauce. Italy has over 1000 legal pasta shapes, try some of the even more numerous sauces.

Pesto dello Nonno

My Italian Grandfather (Nonno) would make huge batches of this and store it in icecube trays in the freezer. I thought there was slime in the ice machine the first time I saw it!

Italian seafood salad

Enjoy a heart friendly Italian light lunch in the tradtion of the Tuscan coastline. Here meddeterian flavours meld together for an easy to make dish. Cuttlefish looks like a large calamari (squid) and is often called seppia or tonato. You can use octopus or squid in its place if your unable to find it. Sarento lemons are the best lemon to use. Its flavor is un-matched by any other lemon in the world. Around Naples and Sarento, you'll find cut up lemon peel commonly in your salad. There is no bitterness. Bon Appitito

"keep you full" apple, raisen flax bran muffins

Waking up in the morning is hard enough. Breakfast shouldn't have to be! The muffins are great source of fiber and will keep you full of energy throughout your hectic morning.

Smoking hot salsa

Why settle for ordinary salsa out of the jar when you can make your own in less then 5 minutes!

Wild boar Italian style

Expand your meat choices by learning how to cook wild boar.

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"Food Adventures of a travel addict"
Traveling the world on many government paid "vacations" to exotic places like the jungles of Nicaragua, the Sahara desert, Saraejevo, Bosnia e Herzogovina before the street lights were back up, the DMZ in Korea...too many places, too much fun and a slew of new food and recipes awaiting discovery.
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