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Recipes I've Shared:

Imbloc (mulligatawny) chicken soup (lower net carb)

I make this every year for Imbloc (Candlemas, Groundhog Day) it's beautiful colour and spicy flavour help remind us that spring will be here soon. This version bumps up the veggies with no cream, butter, or rice. It is delicious and super healthy!

Breakfast Casserole Muffins

A healthier version of my breakfast casserole in muffins. Can be frozen after cooking and then reheated. Use non stick liners for easy removal.

Carrot Muffins. First Lady recipe make over

This is a makeover of Mrs. Bush's Carrot muffins. A healthier option. I love these on Christmas morning with a slice of healthier breakfast casserole. The whole wheat white flour has a lighter texture with all the health benefits of whole wheat.

Sugar Free Crustless Mini Turtle Cheesecakes

A sugar free and crustless turtle cheesecake.

Baked Pumpkin Steel Cut Oats

Health and Hearty low fat high fiber breakfast treat

Low fat whole grain pumpkin bread sweetened with xylitol.

This recipe has less fat (uses applesauce instead of oil) less sugar (xylitol) and is made with whole wheat flour! The carbs are nice healthy carbs. Have with a protein for a complete breakfast or as a healthier after dinner holiday treat.

Wild Rice Hazelnut pilaf

A healthier alternative to stuffing at the holidays. Pair with a low fat low carb veggie and some lean meat for a complete meal.

Whole grain Mini hazelnut soda bread

A modified healthier version of Irish soda bread. I love this for Samhain and other Celtic holidays.

Spicy Chicken Tomato Stew

A hearty chicken stew loaded with veggies. Great for a winter day.

Fall Kale and Apple Saute

An adaptation of an epicurious recipe to make it healthier. A great side dish for fall meals including Thanksgiving.

Guinness Cupcakes with Bailey's Cream Cheese Frosting

Guinness and Bailey's Irish Cream combine to make one very Irish cupcake! Take these to your St. Paddy's gathering and watch them disappear.

Mexican stewed chicken

Easy chicken stew that you can make in no time. Very easy clean up and leftovers freeze well. I like it because there are no weird ingredients. No soup mixes or jarred sauces.

Spicy Lentil Chili

Lentils are a wonderful nutrient dense food. High in fibre and protein with little fat as well as being low on the glycemic index. Spices like chilies and garlic help to rev your metabolism. For vegetarians, vegans, and omnivores alike.

A lot of ingredients but REALLY easy to make and makes a lot of meals.

You can add less salt and reduce the sodium by using salt free tomatoes and reducing the salt at the end.

Spicy White Bean and Kale Soup

Add a salad for lunch, have before dinner, or have as a snack. Healthy and filling. I'd use a low sodium broth to cut the sodium content but I added the closest Spark had.