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Cauliflower crust

This crust is not that great for pizza, but delicious for quiche or meat/vegetable pies.

OK Beef Strogonoff

Swap out sour cream for Greek yogurt. Add fresh ginger, garlic, & white wine for flavor. Serve over spiralized zuccini instead of noodles or rice.

ok raw beet salad

Beets spiralize well, and don't need cooking.

OK smoothie pops

My little frozen after-dinner treat to satisfy that "ice cream urge."

OK Protein Bars

1st attempt at a high-protein snack bar for athletic recovery and/or endurance food. They taste pretty good & hold together well.

OK sweet & sour cabbage & apples

1 "serving" is /2 cup, but I bet you'll eat twice that!
Leftover is good hot or cold.

OK Ham-noodle Cassarole

When the kids don't want to eat their veggies, I mix them right in the main course. With this cassarole, no other course is really needed.

OK Curried Greens & Sweet potatoes

I wanted to bring to a Thanksgiving dinner a vegetable dish that celebrated their vegetable-ness, as opposed to drowning them in sugar or fat. These were a big hit.

OK Cabbage-Apple Salad

My family's favorite fall salad. A serving is 1 cup--I bet you can't eat less than that!

OK Chicken Cacciatore

The chicken will be falling off the bones, and the flavor gets even better as you eat the leftovers..

OK Chicken/veggie Mexican style

Throw in all the fresh veggies on hand, add chicken & make it Mexican

OK Debwallahs with soy

Trying to make a recovery bar, but these have too much carb/not enough protein. Good though .

OK chicken veggie stir-fry

You can use a variety of vegetables, but do include some strong-tasting ones like broccoli or greens.

OK Chicken Kabobs

Great & healthy grilling alternative to burgers & dogs.

OK Pat's Potato Salad

A better potato salad for those who don't want mayo.

OK Chicken Paprika

Chicken thighs have more flavor than breasts and if you take the skin off, aren't too calorie-laden

OK sauteed beet greens with rice & mushrooms

Beet greens are just so good. This simple side dish is very satisfying

OK lentil soup with ham & turnip

It's the turnip that gives this hearty soup its great flavor

OK Venison Chili

I ran out of spices and was 1 of the most delicious chilis I ever made! I'm not sure what made it so good. The cloves? The salsa? Anyway, chili is well worth the long crock pot cooking, and so good when you come home from work and dinner is ready!

OK Rhubarb Sauce

How to enjoy rhubarb sauce without all the sugar

OK chicken in tomatoes

This is only ok, as I was in a hurry to put something on the table. It would be better with more spices, maybe some cooking wine, more time to simmer.

OK reduced-dairy lasagna: 3 x 5" piece

When I became allergic to dairy, I worked on developing an edible lasagna. This compromise is pretty good, and I can tolerate the small quantity of cheese.

OK black bean barley mushroom soup

Vegetarian, filling, natiurally sweet, and flavored with my favorite spices (ginger, cumin, cayenne)

OK sauteed sweet-sour cabbage & apples

A great fall/winter dish, easy to prepare; leftovers are good hot or cold

OK chicken spinach medley with black bean soup

Just trying to throw supper together with what I had on hand. The black bean soup was a leftover & added a different touch.

OK meatloaf

Comfort food

OK tofu/winter vegetable stir-fry

Even with reduced-sodium soy sauce, it has a lot of sodium, but it is sooo good!

OK Balsamic vinaigrette

Quick & simple. Olive oil is good for you

OK Three bean salad with cabbage & beet

Satisfying, spicy; eat by itself or with salad greens.

OK Mushroom onion gravy or sauce

Healthy gravy or sauce for meat.

OK Cranberry oat bars

These are just sweet enough to be a dessert, but not too sweet. Healthy too.

OK Salmon Mayo salad, light

Good in a salad or on a cracker; it is stronger tasting than tuna and more expensive, but salmon has exceptional nutritional values

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