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Recipes I've Shared:

Maple Country Style Pork Ribs

this one's made with real maple syrup

Skillet Strawberry Pancake

This is actually a dutch baby pancake.

It can be breakfast, brunch, lunch, supper or dessert

Artichoke Heart and Olive Pizza, home made

This was a spontaneous pizza made with homemade crust and ingredients we had on hand.

Cornmeal Dumplings (a delicious part of several dishes)

This can be part of several different meals; collard greens, chicken stew, stewed tomatoes and more

They can be cooked in the liquid that is part of the dish or, separately, in the broth or stock, as described below.

AEWS custard

My version of old fashioned comforting custard,j ust like Mom used to make.

Custard pie made with Skim milk/frozen pie crust

Needed to calculate for these specific ingredients and amounts.

The recipe upon which this is based produces more filling than will fit into the crust. One full cup of custard was left over, so I adjusted the recipe for more accurate nutritional information.

balsamic glazed shrimp

Served this for a family visit, served with parslied quinoa and glazed carrots. Big hit!

Simple Pickled Mustard Greens

Tried out this version to see if I liked it. I did.

Next time I might add garlic as well as the chilies.

Apple Empanaditas

quick and easy dessert, breakfast or snack

AEWS Potato Leek Gratin

Made this version tonight and need to check the calorie count

Mushroom-Kale Burgers

Veggie burgers, using ingredients we had on hand.

Airfriyer Eggplant chips

I was finding it difficult to find nutritional information for eggplant chips prepared in the air fryer

Leek, mushroom, chicken, goat cheese pie -9 inch pie

This is an adaptation of a British recipe for Mushroom Leek Pie

Strawberry-rhubarb corn muffin

Adaptation of a strawberry muffin recipe

ramp/spinach/pistachio pesto

supper using first ramps of the season

Squid Sauté with Tomatoes and Garlic

Decided to expand our calamari repertoire.

Tortilla Española

Using up swiss chard for a lunch dish

PlumCake (adapted from NYTimes Recipe)

Checking calorie count for this recipe

Homemade MininSalmon cakes

This was an attempt to find nutritional information for a dish I made for dinner with ingredients on hand.

Greek Style Squid with Lemon, Garlic and Olive Oil

Needed to check out the calorie count for this dish.

Second Day Soup

I used the steaming liquid, the head, bones and trimmings from yesterday's asian steamed black sea bass, along with chicken broth to make a flavorful soup, served with rice or noodles . (We had leftover rice)

Asian Steamed Sea Bass with Swiss Chard and Rice

Sea bass, chard and scallions from the GreenMarket.

apple rhubarb turnovers (crescent rolls)

a last minute dessert from ingredients on hand


Made a lower fat version of a similar Bon Appetite recipe, using different cheeses in lower amounts

Apple Turnover with Phyllo Pastry

this is how I made dessert using the last 3 apples

Simple Apple Cake

needed the count on this cake with these particular ingredients

Chicken/Chickpea/Potato Masala

I adapted this recipe to fit what leftovers I had on hand for dinner.

The actual recipe has a whole potato and no chicken. I didn't use the rice, cilantro and yogurt. (left themout of the ingredient list but in the directions.

Turmeric Latte

Needed a calorie count on this beverage

Curry Sauce with Coconut Milk (for egg curry recipe)

Using up ingredients I had on hand using elements from several different recipes.

AEWS Lighter Lemon Poppy Cupcakes

A lightened version that I tried last night, using applesauce as an oil substitute and liquid whites with a Betty Crocker Lemon Cake Mix

Tomato, olive, caper compote

This was made as an accompaniment to broiled bluefish for this evening's dinner.

Korean Roasted Vegetables with Pickled Daikon

This was quite delicious and now I have a small stock of pickled daikon to use for other dishes.

Grandmother's Apple Cake

An addition to my apple cake repertoire.

Apple Galette made with Puff Pastry- six servings

I made this quick dessert and I wanted to get the nutritional information.

meatloaf mix baked meatballs

need calorie count for this mixture

Peach Buckle

Wanted to check the nutritional information for this recipe

AEWS Sweet Sour Hot Cherry BBQ Sauce

This was a combination of ideas from several different BBQ sauce recipes using both sweet and sour cherries I had on hand.

alsatian apple cake

checking nutritional info for this particular recipe

air fried curry powder calamari

This is an update. The original measurement for the oil was too high and I currently use only curry powder, thought the spices can vary

Duck Wontons in the air fryer

Had to use my leftover duck breast & it made a great appetizer for an impromptu get-together

Korean Calamari

This was an adaptation of a couple of different squid recipes using Gochujang.

One of the original recipes called for miniature corn, since I didn't have that, I used sugar snap peas and mushrooms as the vegetable portion of the dish. Other vegetables, chopped to size for stir-fry, might just as easily be used. I think it's nice to have at least one of them be something that retains a bit of crunch.

The proportions are based on the amount of squid I had. The recipe can be doubled, though I might increase but not quite double the Gochujang unless you want it really hot.

The prep time is also approximate and includes chopping the vegetables, prepping the squid, slicing it into rings, marinating and then preparing the sauce.

AEWS Chicken Paprikash

My version of a classic paprikas recipe, with yogurt substituted for sour cream.

Rutabaga Fritters (Steckrubenpuffer)

I tried my own version of these fritters today, using chickpea flour instead of white flour and baking them rather than frying them.

The amount given used for this recipe is half the amount of the original recipe. We wanted to finish the entire amount for dinner.

It represents a bit less than one third of a large rutabaga weighing not quite 3 lbs.

Rabsperry Chipotle Turkey Legs

Yet another iteration of the Raspberry Chipotle recipe.

AEWS custard rice pudding

nutritional info check on dessert I made with leftover rice

AEWS Chicken Soup with Greenmarket Chicken

wanted to check out the counts for my most recent take on chicken soup

Greens with Mustard Seeds, Braised with Anchovy&Tomato

This is a combination of a couple of different recipes that I thought might work together well.

Sopa de Flor de Calabaza (Mexican Squash Soup)

This recipe combines elements of several similar but different recipes for squash blossom soup.

Eggplant Turnover

Purchased this at the Green Market today, so I had to guess the recipe and estimate the amounts

Mushroom Leek Soup with Beans

Checking nutritional information for soup made with leftovers

Celeriac Parsnip Soup

Celeriac and Parsnips from the Greenmarket inspired this soup.

AEWS Codfish Cake

The first time I made this recipe, I was using up leftovers, but it's great for just having another way to present fish to the family.

It is a very flexible recipe which almost begs for variation of seasonings, and additional ingredients that you might have on hand one time and not another. They can be perfectly plain or as gussied up as you wish.

The measurements given are accurate in terms of the particular batch I made this time. However, they should be viewed as approximations; because the various ingredients' texture and moisture levels will vary a bit each time...

A squeeze of fresh lemon or lime juice is a nice touch when serving, as is a sprinkle of capers over the top, though neither is necessary. There are, of course, some folk who believe that hot sauce is the condiment of choice here. You decide.

New South Cornmeal Dumplings (from Soup & Bread Cookbook by Crescent Dragonwagon)

The author describes these dumplings, made with, as she puts it, "cooked cornmeal, polenta in Italian, mush in Southern", as having "some kinship to certain Italian gnocchi.

We had it as an accompaniment to "Greens and Pot Likker".

Sephardic Challah

Bought this bread from the greenmarket and then found the recipe, both to check the nutritional information and because I really liked it and want to make it myself.

The recipe I found online calls for one egg for glaze, but the one I bought was not glazed, so I didn't include it in the count. The recipe is only vegan if it doesn't use the egg glaze.

The directions are as given in the online recipe.

Chicken Thighs in Raspberry Chipotle Sauce

This is a variation on the Beef Ribs in Raspberry Chipotle Sauce Recipe, shared here, which, in turn, began as a pork rib recipe.

I have made all variations and wanted to have an idea of the variation in nutritional information as well.

Hortopita made with phyllo

Adaptation of a Greek dish; made with what I had on hand.

Chocolate Cherry Bread

Got some of this at the greenmarket and wanted to know how much damage it will do...

sour cherry tartlets

Got some sour cherries from the Greenmarket

Glazed Baby Beets

This is a half portion of an Alton Brown recipe for Glazed Baby Beets. I served them with the beet greens, which I braised.

Andrew's Cassoulet

Cassoulet that my son, Andrew made on his most recent visit.

Chicken Liver Paté

Made this with leftover chicken livers and needed to know the nutritional information

Lower Fat & Cholesterol Version of Betty Crocker Cinnamon Muffin Mix

Wanted to check out the calorie count on my substitutions to the boxed mix

Figs Poached in Port

Just made this recipe and wanted to be able to list it in my tracker.

African Monkfish Curry with Fresh Fruit

This is a tasty and unusual South African seafood dish, featuring - of course - curries. They are extremely popular in the country.

I tried this recipe and wanted to see what the nutritional information was.

I made some substitutions based on what I had on hand. The ingredients in the ingredient list are the originals.

I had no fish stock on hand so I used chicken stock and added some trimmings from the monkfish to add some flavor.

I did not have Malawi Curry Powder, so I used the curry powder I had on hand and added Hungarian Paprika which I did include in the ingredient list, because I doubt many of you have immediate access to Malawi Curry Powder, either. (Though, I'm going to try to track some down and see what the difference is.)

I included the fruit that I used in the ingredient list, although it is mentioned but not included specifically in the original list. You can use whatever fruit you have and like.

Beyond that, I was true to the recipe, except that I used half the amounts called for in the original recipe.

Anne's Homemade Cole Slaw

Needed to check the information on the coleslaw I was putting together.

Lower Fat Version of Alton Brown's Cheese Grits

This is a minor adaptation of Alton Brown's Recipe.

Alton says it's five servings but from my observation, it seems like ten.

AEWS Chilaquiles

This is a modified version of a dish that I've made for some time and didn't want to lose from my repertoire.

Asparagus and Snap Pea Salad

This was the salad course for our Easter dinner.

Anne's Ricotta Gnocchi

Saw a television description of this recipe and had ingredients on hand, so I made them, then wanted to see this version's calorie count.

Braised Chicken/Mom-Mom's "potted chicken"

This is an homage to my grandmother's recipe, which was not a recipe at all but a free-style riff with chicken being the only constant.

Sometimes potatoes were added and sometimes omitted; when omitted, the dish was served with noodles or rice.

Likewise, the herbs and other flavorings were changed depending on what was available or desired.

This recipe is an approximation based on what I had that day.

Anne's Bread Pudding (lower fat, lower sugar)

This is a very easy (and flexible) bread pudding recipe that consistently receives rave reviews.

I frequently change it up with different fruit (dried cranberries, cherries, apples), chocolate chips, or nuts.

When I'm serving it for a special occasion, I sometimes make a rum or bourbon sauce to serve over it, but it doesn't really need it .

It could also be presented as a savory pudding, without the sugar and with the addition of mushrooms, cheese and or vegetables.

AEWS Mac Salad with Shrimp

This is a slightly modified version of my mother's macaroni salad.

Chickpea and Apple Curry

This is an adaptation of a recipe I found on the internet.

The original recipe called for one half cup of cilantro and for a half cup of plain yogurt, which I did not use at all.

I halved the quantities because it was being served with other dishes and I left out the yogurt because there was already a creamy dish planned.

Chickpea Flour Pizza/Farinata/Socca

This recipe is derived from studying several similar recipes.

The cooking instructions are a description of what I did.

This could also be baked in a very hot oven (500 degree F) for between 20 and 30 minutes, rather than on the top of stove to broiler, but I didn't try that yet.

The cooking time is for the instructions as given.

Tortillitas with shrimp

A recipe from Mark Bittman from his NYTimes blog.

David's Meatloaf

David's basic meatloaf


Wonderful Christmas Cookies; good any time!

The 20 minute cooking time reflects several repetitions of the approximately 5 minutes baking time for each sheet or two of cookies, depending on the capacity of your oven. It is only an approximation.

Revised Cranberry Curd Tartlets-Sucralose/Sugar

Wanted to find the calorie count for a modified recipe

Can also be made as a pie or without a crust in custard cups

Calories would be fewer without crust.

Incredible! (1 rating)
Anne's apple pie with prepared crust

Wanted to check out the calories in this particular apple pie

AEWS Homemade Chicken Gravy

This is the basic gravy that I make for any roast

Egg White French Toast for One

This is a variation on the French Toast at Our House recipe.

I needed to see what the nutritional information was using just egg white.

French Toast at Our House

Only moderately adapted recipe from my youth.

It's a great way to use stale Italian bread. (If it's real, it gets stale by the next day!)

mini phyllo lemon meringue tarts

This is a quick, easy but very fancy looking dessert

Lemon Sole with Caper Sauce

Fresh from the Green Market, I wanted a simple preparation.

pan fried whiting

checking calorie count for this preparation

Anne's homemade split pea soup

This is one of my favorite uses for a leftover ham bone and ham.

Phyllo Berry Cups

I made this dessert with berries I had on hand and Phyllo that i had in the freezer.

The number of servings will depend on the size of the squares you cut and the size of your muffin tins.

The phyllo can also be cut into flat squares or triangles and the dessert can be presented stacked as a napoleon.

It can also be done without the lemon curd or without the berries, for that matter.

Incredible! (2 ratings)
Roasted PattyPan Squash and Herbed Chickpeas

I needed to check the calorie count on this recipe which I'd gotten from the internet.

The original recipe called for slightly larger amounts of chickpeas and squash, 8 leaves of mint and a handful of coriander instead of basil and oregano. I began with the amount of squash I'd brought home from the green market and modified the chickpea amount to fit that. I didn't have mint or coriander on hand when I made the recipe, so I made the substitution. The flavor is different but I doubt there's any difference in calorie count.

The cooking time stated is for all prep,cooking the squash, using canned chickpeas.

If you cook the chickpeas from their dried state the cooking time will be longer.

Summer Pasta With Tomatoes and Chickpeas

This is a recipe that I had and wanted to check the calorie count.

Raspberry Chipotle Drumsticks

Don't get scared by the cooking time, it's a crock pot recipe!

This is use for the raspberry chipotle sauce that I like so much with Pork and Beef Ribs.

Chicken drumsticks get the treatment this time.

Mixed Berry Buckle

This is an adaptation of a conflation of two recipes; blackberry cobble and a raspberry buckle.

Mushroom tofu stir-fry

A "quickie' stir fry with what was on hand.

Simple Chickpea Burgers

These burgers are a bit more akin to falafel than their namesakes, but are very tasty.

My personal choice for the "bread" portion of the presentation is either a tortilla or lettuce leaf; or may be omitted entirely.

For this recipe to produce six servings, the patty size will be
approximately two and a half inches in diameter. They can be made smaller or slightly larger, depending on your preference, though a large increase in size will invite breakage.

Tomato Cobbler

This recipe was shared on the Martha Stewart Show, but the original recipe was by Mark Bittman.

It is similar to other fruit cobbler recipes, but it is savory and I served it as a side dish for Thanksgiving last year.

It would work equally well for breakfast or brunch.

I liked it as is, but believe that it could have benefited from the addition of one or more herbs, such as basil, oregano or thyme.

Banana Muffins

Modified this recipe from a banana bread recipe at Simply Recipes, to work with the number of bananas I had on hand.

almond milk tapioca

We decided to adapt our tapioca recipe to be dairy free to have another alternative. This is the almond milk variation.

1 serving = .5 cup

Arugula/Basil/Parsley Pesto

This pesto is great on pasta, bruschetta, as a spread or even as a base for soup!

Today, this is a means to use salad ingredients and herbs that I have on hand while they're still good.

The amounts I listed was what I had available and used.

However, a larger amount might be really be easier if you're using a blender.(doesn't get stuck in the bottom.)

This can also be varied based on what greens you have and what combinations you like.

I'll give a couple of different options for preparation.

Chocolate Crinkles

Makes a big batch of tiny cookies

Mushroom barley casserole

This is a recipe created in the service of leftover use.

Leftover Lamb Curry

This is an adaptation of a leftover lamb curry recipe that I found on the internet some time ago.

Since it is a "leftover lamb" recipe, I'm not sure why the author thought that you'd still have the lamb roasting pan in use, but I left that instruction in as a parenthetical expression.

This is a recipe that can handle a fair amount of improvisation. (i.e. curry powder or paste, if you don't have garam masala; substitute dried fruit for apple; use another grain instead of rice, if you have more of one thing than another or have to deal with food allergies, sensitivities or dislikes.)

Potato Dumplings

This is my mother's recipe for potato dumplings; the ultimate comfort food for me-a once in a while treat.

Anne's Applesauce

Great for side dish, snack or ingredient!

Can also be dressed up with a bit of ginger and lemon zest.

Irish Soda Bread with Raisins and Caraway

Recipe originated from Bon Appetit but I first cut down on the sugar using .75 cup sugar; then used .5 cup sugar and .25 honey; sucralose and honey, and sometimes just sucralose. While the original recipe called for 5 cups of all purpose white flour, substituted one half cup of whole wheat flour for the last half cup of flour, originally, because I was a bit short, but kept it that way because I liked it.

The recipe shows the sucralose and honey measurements, but as you can see, there's room to experiment.

Beef Ribs in Raspberry Chipotle Sauce

The original version of this recipe used country style pork ribs and was quite delicious, but I decided to try it with beef instead, because a number of our friends have dietary restrictions regarding pork.

Both the original and this recipe are made in a slow cooker.

It could be modified to be made either on the stovetop or in the oven but would probably still take a couple of hours. (low and slow cooking is the key to tenderness and flavor in this braised dish)

Polenta a la Doña Iñez

I learned this recipe from a friend of mine during our Feldenkrais® training program.

It has become one of my go-to dishes for home meals, parties and pot-lucks.

This recipe can quite easily be modified to make more or less, as you desire. The toppings can also be varied.

It will serve four as a main dish, or more as a side or appetizer.

The number of servings given here was the side or appetizer number.

Vegetable and Tofu Stir fry

This is a stir fry made with what was on hand in my refrigerator.

Portugese Kale and Potato Soup

I first tasted potato kale soup in Cape Cod a loooong time ago and it immediately went on my favorites list.

While this recipe calls for pureeing the baking potatoes to make a creamy base, I sometimes just go for the "au natural" version and skip that step.

Pasta with Beets, Greens and Garlic

This recipe is a tweak of one of my favorite sauce recipes. The beets form the sauce which turns the dish a wonderful pink/red and uses the beet greens as well.

The dish is a brilliant pink.

Chana Masaledar

This recipe for chickpeas cooked with cinnamon, nutmeg,
cloves and other flavors is based on one by Madhur Jaffrey.

This is a very adaptable and forgiving recipe. Some substitutions, omissions or additions can be made without substantial alteration

Scallion Pancakes

I really like the scallion pancakes at Chinese restaurants and at stands in Chinatown, so I thought I'd try to make them myself. I found this recipe and want to see what the calorie count is like.

Chicken and Mushroom Pie

This is a meal that I created to use leftovers. It can be adapted to based on what you have.

The pastry is an oil crust. It was the first time I made this particular crust recipe. It was tasty enough but a bit hard to work and a bit sturdier than I would have liked.

The recipe would work equally well with phyllo dough or your favorite pie crust recipe, but that would change the calorie count.

The filling may also be changed to use whatever you have on hand.

Three grain pancakes

This recipe is very basic but produces pancakes that are nicely textured, light and very tasty.

Creamy Tomato, Onion and Garlic Dressing

This is a creamy dressing that tastes as good as it looks.

It is a lovely pink color that complements the salad greens beautifully.

Less Work Lasagna

A friend of mine gave me this recipe more than 20 years ago (long before the marketing of no-boil noodles). It is one of my "go to" dishes for company and pot-luck dinners as well as a family favorite.

Vegetable Dumplings with Crab and Shrimp

These potsticker-type dumplings are good as appetizers, or as a lunch or dinner dish, depending on serving size and accompaniments.

They can be frozen either right after the pan-frying step or after the entire process is complete. They reheat well, covered in the microwave or re-steamed.

Very Good (7 ratings)
Anne's Sesame Noodles

Great as a side dish for dinner or a light lunch.

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