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Easiest chocolate chip cookies ever!

These are the best and easiest cookies to ever make! You can also vary the cake mix and chips. Red velvet cake mix with white chocolate chips is really good!

Mary's Black beans and rice

I found a couple of recipes for black beans and rice, and kind of combined what I had on hand

Chicken-rice casserole

I got this out of a diabetic cook book someone has given me, but just never really looked at. It makes for a great bathroom book (hahaha)

Cabbage and taters

This is an old standard in Southern Cooking. This is one of my favorite comfort foods! The water, salt and margarine amounts will vary, depending on how much ou make, and how much you prefer.

Mary's Easy Chili

Don't panic about the insane amount of grams, just follow the recipe, instead of the ingredients! This is great if you have a small army to feed!

Stewed Chicken

This is an easy recipe that even my picky hubby really enjoys!

Chicken and dressing casserole

This was always a family favorite growing up. My mom usually used left over turkey from thanksgiving. She'd freeze the turkey and pull out the left overs after we got over being sick and tired of turkey after the holidays. My hubby could eat a whole pan of this if I let him :D

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Mary's Munchables