Recipes I've Shared:

Office Grits

This recipe is easily made in the breakroom of your workplace utilizing the microwave and the hot water from the coffee station.

Summer's Bounty Pasta

This is a great vegetarian meal filled with roadside stand produce.

Country (not) Fried Steak

This is one of my favorite "Mom" dishes, but I had to lighten it up...


This is NOT intended for meal plans, this is an INDULGENCE and I wanted to know the nutrition information so that I could have my cheesecake and eat it (occassionally) too.

Baked Eggplant Parmesan

This is my Mom's recipe...She never used breadcrumbs or purged the Eggplant and I have loved this dish since I was a child. It is very satisfying as it is full of flavor and cheesy while still be "diet" friendly.

Tuna w/Sundried Tomatoes over pasta

This is a high protein, high fiber, satisfying lunch. The flavors are best at room temperature or you can toss the ingredients with the pasta as soon as you drain the pasta.

Pasta Fagiole

my version of a classic (takes roughly 30min from start to finish)