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Burbs' Quick-Ass Sort of Healthy Pizza - Turkey Burger Version

Another one of my patented healthyish pizza's, you won't find them much smaller of a calorie per slice elsewhere.

Burbs' Quick-Ass Sort of Healthy Pizza - Garlic Chicken Version

Cook Tyson Chicken, Sauce, Chicken, Garlic and cheese on the shell, cook the shell based on the directions they have. Done. Roughly 170 calories a slice

Beebs' Healthier Lazy Lasagna

So there's this Pennsylvania Dutch Lazy Lasagna recipe, here's a version with some healthy stuff in it, could probably be even better with some reduced fat Parmesan cheese.

Not-So-Good-For-J00 Lazy Lasagna

This is off of, I want to add this to my own site so I can compare it with one I'm making that will be much healthier, in theory.

Burbs' Quick-Ass Sort of Healthy Pizza

See the 3 ingredients?

Sauce and cheese on the shell, cook the shell based on the directions they have. Done. Roughly 160 calories a slice

WW - Baked Chicken

Weight Watchers Baked Chicken

CTNT - Chicken Pizzaioli

Page 222 of CTNT 2011

CTNT - Barbecue Chicken Pizza

Slightly modified version from Cook This Not That 2011 ed. Book said 4 servings made 380 calories/14g fat, but this was not the case, someone didn't calculate correctly since the directions were to cut into 6 or 8 slices. 4 servings of 2 pizzas would have been 880 calories. Decided to cut each pizza into 8 slices, lowering the calories and fat per slice to 220 and 8.5 respectively, this way you can choose how much you want at a much lower value.

CTNT - Fish with Herbed Bread Crumbs

Page 226, Cook This Not That, volume 2011

Trader Joe's (mostly) BBQ Chicken Pizza

Just threw this together... If you're counting points its' 4pts a slice, not bad for a lunch though I think... Swap out the mozarella slices for something healthier and this could easily be better, but this is the best pizza shell I've seen so far stats-wise.

Screwed up Turkey Macaroni

We messed up the recipe...used WAY too much Pasta, should only be 2 cups, so here's the adjusted if you accidentally put in a whole box.

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