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Pumpkin Scones

Can be a little dry so add a little water to make moist, water also keeps down the calories.

Beef Mince topping for Haystacks

This is a traditional summer lunch for us. It can be made with mince of any kind and the mince can be substituted for any vegetarian protein

Fruit & Nut Loaves

I found this recipe in a magazine and thought it was very allergy friendly, except for 2 eggs it has NO dairy and full of fruit.

Nutolene & Vegetable Pots

This is a recipe I got from the Birds eye packet of frozen peas carrot and corn, I have changed it for vegetarians and used Sanitarium Nutolene. I tried Nutmeat but it is not as nice as using Nutolene but if you don't like Nutolene you can use Nutmeat

Gluten Duck

The nutritional value is allowing for whole grain flour, in fact this recipe uses gluten flour (unable to find it on spark website but from the information I have the whole grain flour should be comparable to gluten flour)

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