Recipes I've Shared:

Swiss Apple Pie

Cross between a pie and cake.

Mushroom Sundried Tomato Frittata

Use whole or chopped mushrooms and sun dried tomatoes

Spinello Greek Green Beans

Savory green beans in tomato sauce. 2 lbs frozen cut green beans and large can of crushed tomatoes (Italian, San Mariano, plum tomatoes)

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Crabmeat stuffed mushrooms keto

Large portobello caps stuffed with crabmeat

Spinello Nut Butter Sauce

No peanuts, no coconut milk.Hot sauce optional.

Spinello Peanut Sauce

Simple Thai peanut sauce without coconut milk. Hot sauce optional.

Spinello Artichoke Frittata

Crustless quiche or dip.

Strawberry Cheesecake in a Bowl

No baking or cooking. Uses 2 lbs of strawberries.

Spinello White Pizza

No red sauce, just cheeses.

Mushroom Pumpkin Soup

Use any kind of mushrooms and any kind of winter squash. Cheese pumpkin is great.

Spinello Chicken Enchilada no carb

Shredded chicken with red or green enchilada sauce. I use Las Palmas.

Spinello Quiche

Almond flour crust for 4 egg quiche. Cube turkey ham and brown in skillet.

Cranberry Pie (Cake)

Gluten-free and lightly sweetened cranberries in an almond flour cake/pie.

Turkey sausage tapas

Spanish tapas using turkey sausage instead of chorizo

Spinello Romesco

Romesco sauce for fish chicken veggies or dip

Spinello pancakes

Hearty pancakes with wheat germ and corn meal.

Spinello Key Lime Pie

Tart and sweet, best frozen before serving, with or without whipped topping.

Hot Italian Sausage in Wine Honey Sauce

Serve as tapas or main dish. Use turkey sausage or chorizo.

Spinello Kale Bean Chicken Soup

No oil/fat used. Water sautéed only.



Spinello Trail Mix

Mariani Cherries & Berries, Almonds & Sunspire Choco Chips

Spinello White Bean Salad

use navy beans or blackeyed peas or both!

Whole Wheat Corn Bread

half whole wheat & half FF corn bread mixes

Spinello White Chili (turkey, corn & beans)

turkey, white corn & white beans with green salsa!

Spinello strawberry & angel food cake

strawberries with sugar are per serving, topped with cool whip lite.

Spinello Omelette

half egg whites plus eggbeaters cheddar & broccoli

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