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Leamanach Breakfast Flatbread Pizza

You can add anything to top this bread. Stop & Shop sells these individual flat breads that are about 7" long. I used the whole wheat.

Delicious with a tangy condiment (pepper jelly/relish, chutney, whatever) spread on the bread after you toast it and before you cover with egg topping.

Leamanach zucchini tomato bake

Delicious, low calorie, almost fat free, guiltless....YUMMY!

Leamanach Hummus

Low sodium veggie dip.

Leamanach spaghetti squash & peppers

I was looking to find a something low carb to satisfy my pasta cravings.

This is an excellent side dish or double the serving to have as a main course.

Leamanach Greek Stew (crockpot)

Very tasty, hearty, and different stew...low in carbs and calories.

Leamanach crockpot cauliflower brussels sprouts

Drop dead easy.

Great item to have available when you want to eat something to fill you up and you are running out of calories for the day.

Leamanach chicken chili (dried beans)

Can be made vegan/vegetarian by omitting chicken and replacing chicken broth with veggie broth or water.

leamanach chicken pirate stew (crockpot)

Perfect dinner to come home to on a snowy winter day.

Leamanach ginger chicken egg drop soup

I was looking to use up some chicken stock, wanted to stay low carb and make something different...came up with this recipe. SO good!

Omit chicken meat & ginger for a more traditional egg drop soup.

Leamanach corned beef hash - lower carb recipe

Delicious breakfast dish for weekend after St Patrick's Day. Can be served with a fried egg on the top of the hash. You can also totally eliminate the potatoes, but 1/2 of a small potato makes your mouth happy.

leamanach pasta bean italian

Pasta salad with NO ONIONS or VINEGAR, and I didn't miss them.

The secret? Infusing the olive oil with garlic over heat.

I also FINALLY tried the anchovies that have been sitting in my cupboard (which eliminated the need for additional salt) and I am glad I finally did. After years of TV Italian chefs telling me to use them....

This was delicious while still hot and is great cold. If it is too dry the next day, you can add some water or salad dressing

Leamanach cabbage golumpki soup - w/o rice

Great winter stew, very filling and HUGE serving for under 225 calories!

Unlike regular golumpkis, I did not put rice in this soup so it would be low carb. Feel free to add rice if you desire.

Leamanach Irish Soup 03-13-14

Fabulous and filling soup for chilly weather.

I altered an old Irish recipe. I swapped carrots for parsnips, added butternut squash, and didn't peel my apples (for added fiber). Also, the original recipe called for adding cream after soup is pureed.

leamanach lentil chicken stew

Large serving....delicious...low in calories and sodium...and keeps you full for hours.

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