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Recipes I've Shared:

Hakurei Cod

Exotic, Easy, Nutritious!

Fall Chicken Casserole

Easy, basic, and vitamin-rich.

Fall Pork with Apples & Kale

Fall Eating the Way God Intended!

One-Pan BBQ Chicken

An easy-to-make, healthy chicken recipe that can be cooked in a single frying pan.

Popeye's Salmon Brunch

Delicious, great for any meal, and vitamin-packed

Mustard Chicken

Easy, one-pan cooking.

Chicken-Bacon Mix

Discovered by throwing remaining ingredients together at the end of a camping trip, it's now a repeat dish in our home!

Moroccan Lamb Tangine

A traditional North African Lamb dish that takes two days for preparation and cooking - but is well worth it! Especially good for those who like exotic spice, but are not crazy about the flavor of lamb.

Island Fish Sautée

A healthy, delicious "one-pot" meal on a budget

Super-Easy Tequila Lime Chicken

No need for overnight marinating. Super-high protein, lo-carb & lo-fat.

Chicken Crunch

High-Calorie, High-Vitamin, and very easy and quick to make.

Haddock Algarve

A low-fat, high-protein & high-vitamin, delicate-tasting way to prepare Haddock or other ocean whitefish

Bavarian London Broil

High Protein, Low-salt, and Delicious.

Citrus Fish

Easy, Low-fat, Low-carb, & high-vitamin

Smoked Fish Sauté

An easy meal when your fish is not smoked - but you wish it was.

Root Roast

When you just have to Carb out....

Incredible! (1 rating)
Irish Cauliflower Soup

A traditional, delicious cheese-ale soup with a spicy kick that will warm your tummy on a cold day and get you sweating on any day!

Italian Stuffed Chicken

Super healthy, yummy, and ingredient-flexible!

Fish, 'Shrooms & Peas

Tired of Strong-tasting fish and bland veggies? Try this summer combo that reverses the norm: gentle salmon, and veggies that go "Ka-Pow!" High in vitamins, protein, selenium, niacin, and 'good fats' in the fish oil.

Summer Spaghetti

A Vitamin-C rich summer dish

Zucchini Pie

Something delicious (and filling!) to do with all that summer squash!

Chicken Capri

Fun, tasty lo-cal chicken dinner on the grill...with 59 g of Protein and fewer than 9 g each of fat and carbs!


A very spicy chicken breast, tempered by an avocado-peach compote. A great Summer meal!

Saumon aux Champignons

Salmon filets with the perfect mushroom-wine topping!

New York Omelette

Takes the delicious ingredients of a NYC Bagel and Lox, removes the carb-laden bagel, and uses an overstuffed Omelette as the delivery system!

Swordfish & Stuffed Avocados

Two summer dishes that combine perfectly!~

Chunky Veggie Swai

VERY LOW calorie fish entree with a tastes that blend incredibly well

Very Good (2 ratings)
Fish Mediterranean

Yummy southern European veggies on white fish filets

Very Good (2 ratings)
Peach Compote Swai

Delicious Low-Calorie, High-nurtition fish with a tasty and easy fruit-veggie compote.

Very Good (2 ratings)
Rainbow Squid

A nutritious, low-cal dinner salad

Incredible! (2 ratings)
Greenie Criminis

A delicious vegetarian dish than can serve as an appetizer or small entrée

Incredible! (1 rating)
Spinach-Pecan Salad

A healthy spinach salad - without bacon!

Recipe Collections I've Shared:

Magenta Mix on Grilled Eggplant