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Recipes I've Shared:

Juicing with Joe Carrot Apple Lemon

Juiced through Breville juicer.

Clean Carrot Soup

This is a great, neutral soup that can go lots of different ways depending on last minute additions/spices/garnish

Inside Out Chicken Burrito

I didn't have enough tortillas or chicken to make proper burritos for everyone, so I came up with this instead. Everyone loved it. Fewer carbs too!

Chicken Paprikas No Dumplings

A slightly healthier version of my Grandma's 'old world' recipe. I'm serving with boiled potatoes and carrots instead of noodles or traditional chewy dumplings to save on calories.

Candy Bar for Breakfast

I created this after reading an article that made me really happy; it said that in a study, people who ate chocolate for breakfast lost more weight than a comparison group who didn't. MMmmm....chocolate! I used 1 square of Godiva dark chocolate, which = 1/2 oz. Just enough!

Roasted Red Potato and Carrot

Can't believe there was nothing matching this description. So - I'll add it!

Breakfast Veggie Patties

Had some extra veggies on hand, so I fixed up for breakfast. Spices could be mixed up here; italian, greek, sage/paprika could be used in place of the tumeric.

Zucchini Rice Scramble

Made this for breakfast one morning; inspired by Uncle Darryl's suggestion.

Shelly's Meatloaf

My daughter loves meatloaf. So, gotta make it.