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Recipes I've Shared:

Chilled Strawberry Soup

A light, delightfully refreshing way to end a hearty summer bbq meal, or any heavy meal for that matter. Can be made the day before the feast.

Exotic cranberry and blueberry sauce

Simple, easy and delicious cranberry sauce made from scratch. It can be as tart or as sweet as desired.

Wild rice over sweet potato and collard green soup

A complete dish, this is adelicious spicy alternative to the usual boiled collard greens. I found it on, proposed by Jeremy who himself obtained it from Peter Berley’s Fresh Food Fast. I have adapted it to my liking.

Healthy lactose free low fat fluffy pancakes

Deliciuos low cal low fat version of fluffy pancakes that can be altered to be dairy free and/or gluten free (using 1 cup brown rice flour and 0.25 cup millet flour and 4 tbs quinoa flour and coconut/soy/rice milk)