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Recipes I've Shared:

Ree Drummond's Creamy Cheese Grits

I wrote what the recipe calls for, but I actually used regular broth, not low-sodium.

Cheesy Amish B'fast Casserole - allrecipes

Not my recipe...find it at

Crock Pot Chicken & Rice (

not my recipe, only putting here to get a calculation for the tracker - some liberties were taken with amounts as we needed more than the recipe would make

Cream of Celery Soup - Homemade

Had a lot of celery tops and a can of Meyenberg milk. Ta-da!

Oyster Veggie Soup

Had to come up with something to do with some oysters before it was too late.


used drippings from baked chicken for 1 cup of the liquid - not in SP's listings, so I improvised to make sure the fat was accounted for

Guac Hummus

This is a throw-together of avocado, hummus & yogurt, with some salsa for kick. The Recipe Calculator doesn't have the exact items I used, so I fludged a bit.

Thrown Together Eggplant-Beef Stew

had some eggplant I had to do something with, and just scrambled some stuff together

Crackers - Coconut Rye

Found a site that gives simple directions for making your own custom crackers. So, I'm going to start making my own and entering them here. Check the site out:

Creole Vegetarian Lima Beans

This can be eaten as a soup, or over rice or pasta. A good, crusty, french bread is great with it. (You can do any bean with this recipe, and it'll come out awesome.)

PB & Oat Dessert Balls, 2/serving

I was in the mood for PB and sweet, and wanted something other than just PB. I no longer make my PB Balls (PB, powdered sugar & dry milk), but I wanted something like that with better nutrition. Ta-da! Still need to experiment on the composition, they're too wet. Maybe more milk or oats or less yogurt. We'll see. Taste great! :-)

Jason C's Fried Rice

Simple, tasty, not exactly the healthiest thing - wonder how it would do with brown rice and less bacon?

Barefoot Contessa's (almost) Roasted Tomato Basil Soup (Food Network)

My friend made this, but "improved" it by trading out the 1 can of canned plum tomatoes for 2 cans of Del Monte Diced Tomato Basil, Garlic, Oregano, thereby upping the salt dramatically. I also see that there is an enormous amount of salt & fat in the original recipe, for an otherwise potentially healthy soup. I've already eaten it (tastes amazing!), so I had to find out what I ate, but if I ever make it, I'll make a few substitutions of my own.

Slow Cooker Beef Stroganoff I (

Someone else made this for us, not sure it was done exactly this way, and it doesn't say what volume makes one serving, so I'm doing a lot of guesswork. The nutritional info does not include the noodles.

Greens & Summer Veggies

will only use this recipe once, unless somehow I end up with all these items again at the same time.

Karen's Southwestern Chicken Salad

not my recipe, I just need to quantify it

MJ's Curried Veggie Quinoa

This is lovely...MJ didn't give me amounts, I extrapolated. You can customize this by the type of stock you use, the types of veggies you include, the amount of oil, the sodium content, etc.

Palatable Blue Runner Red Beans, No Salt Added

can't handle the no salt added Blue Runner beans, so I figured out a way to both get the soupy texture I want and have some actual taste, without going overboard with sodium

Karen's Shrimp Saute'

This is a partial list of ingredients for a recipe (the rest are herbs). It's intended to go over pasta. The shrimp package tells you to cook a half pound of pasta, split it onto 2 plates, then take this whole recipe and divide it in 2. Only, it's way too much food for 2 people, and I sometimes skip the pasta altogether.

Karen's Company Eggs 1/20th of pan

This is not my recipe, but she doesn't mind if I share it. Very simple & taste, high in sodium, though.

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