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Canteloupe Bread

Yummy, fat free, no eggs or milk--just delicious moist sweet bread!

Corn and Potato Chowder

With a rich, meaty, hearty taste, but far less fat that a traditional corn chowder. And ridiculously easy to make in a crock pot.
Recipe requires a slow-cooker and a hand blender (immersion blender).

Baked Pumpkin Oatmeal

Cross between a souffle and a bread pudding in texture, a new superhealthy way to enjoy your oatmeal.

Savory Bread pudding

Onions, garlic, spinach, zucchini and bell pepper (and mushrooms if you've got them) combine with whole wheat bread, fresh soy juice (or milk) and eggs to make a savory and comforting bread pudding.

Onion Spinach Quiche

Vegetarian and lactose-free (but not Vegan), with tons of nutrients, low cal, generally good stuff.

Butternut Squash Chili

Delicious bean chili, full of veggies, made in a slow-cooker. Time consuming recipe, but a huge batch that makes a lot, and is low calorie, high in fiber and nutrients. Plus it tastes awesome!

Apple Pear Kiwiberry Crumble

Delicious crumble made with the newest superfruit, baby kiwis (also know as hardy berries).

Chocolate cake--low glycemic, dairy free, gluten free

Chewy, rich chocolate cake that actually is pretty healthy, with a perfect post-workout ratio of carbs to protein! Make with black beans and flour free, and can be made vegan.

Rose Mango Smoothie

High protein smoothie with a somewhat Indian Lassi taste.

Chocolate banana smoothie one serving

Large high protein shake for one, or add a cup of yogurt and make for two.

Chocolate chia 4:1 post workout balls

Good after cardio snack, with 4 to 1 ratio of carbs to protein. I keep them in freezer, as they are quite sticky otherwise.

Plum quick bread

Delicious flavorful bread, very low in fat, a great way to use up plums from your tree.

Zucchini brownies

Fudgy brownies made with zucchini and applesauce.

Tom Kha Hed Soup

Thai lemongrass and galangal soup, vegetarian style.

P90x strawberry protein smoothie

Complies with P90x Phase 1 level 1 breakfast

Very Good (6 ratings)
Pumpkin protein fiber bars

High protein, high fiber, high nutrient, very low sugar bars.

Truffle Muffins

Delicious aroma and crumb, most similar to yeast risen that I've had in a quick-bread muffin.

Vegan Wheat-free easy apple cinnamon pancakes with berry compote

Yummy and easy to make, these pancakes have no sugar and are made with spelt flour, an ancient grain low in gluten and high in nutrition, which can often be tolerated by those who can't have wheat gluten. These pancakes are really tasty!

Vegan wheat-free Banana Bread

Vegan, wheat free, this banana bread is fluffier and not as sweet as most dessert breads. But with all the spices--and the crunchy slices of almond on the top--it's totally delicious.
It's also half the calories of a slice of banana bread from Starbucks.

Vegan Gluten-free Meatloaf

Awesome meatloaf without the meat or wheat! But still plenty of protein and good stuff. .

Incredible! (1 rating)
Yam, Onion, Apple, and Walnut Bake

Filling yet light, sweet, and healthy, this bake is simple to prepare, and while it takes a while to cook, needs little to no monitoring.
It's also vegan, gluten free, and lactose free.

Vegetarian trio: salty, spicy, sweet

Salty edamame, spicy prig khing green beans, and sweet caramelized onions combine to make a surprisingly delicious main course--or collection of appetizers.

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