Recipes I've Shared:

Potato, Leek and Ham Soup

This is best in the slow cooker, on high, for about six hours

Pumpkin Oatmeal Cookie Cakes

This is inspired by a gluten free recipe for pumpkin cookies. Still a work in progress.

Faux Cream of Potato Soup

This soup uses the potato starch from the potatoes to thicken the soup, creating a creamy texture without the high calories. Note: this is a slow cooking soup, put it on the back burner and stir every so often.

Amish (No Bread Machine) White Bread

Recipe makes two large loaves, which can be sliced thinner as they hold their shape. I've given the smaller number of pieces I've managed to get from the recipe.

Creamy "Caramel" Apple Dip

This creamy dip cuts out a lot of the sugar of a commercial caramel dip, has a tonne of flavour and helps with your calcium requirements.

Recipes I've Rated:

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