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Grilled goat cheese with mustard sandwich

exactly as it sounds, on whole wheat bread.

Israeli kibbutz salad

An everyday kibbutz salad.


tapioca pudding with chia.

Home style salmon spread

Can be used for sandwiches. I use it to stuff fish fillets or cannoli noodles.

Burgul porage

A quick breakfast.

Yemeni soup

This soup is traditionaly eaten on Friday afternoons when all the family is gathered around the table. A tablespoon or two of Fenugreek sause (hilbe) is added to the soup.

fresh greens salad

A well balanced salad. Seeds are optional, but I like to fill half my plate with this, both to start the meal as well as to finish.

chicken shnizel

basic recipie for fried chicken breast but baked with oil.

Quinoa with vegetables

Mostly vegetables but I still can't eat a full cup. My children and husband love this and always go back for seconds. Great with a salad of mixed greens.

Skinha (slow cooked one pot meal)

The morrocan version of chulent

Matbuka (Morrocan tomato salad)

This is eaten on bread or pita and is typicali very hot but the heat can be reduced for personal taste.

persian style rice cookies

a portion is 1 cookie, rather high in calories but if you can stop at 1 it makes a satisfying snack.

snap green beans mediterrean style

tasty with rice or rice/bean noodles/couscous

arroz con veduras (spanish yellow rice with vegatables)

Very tasty all in one recipe. Can be made also with chicken (arroz con pollo)

coconut sponge cake

For people who like to make every thing from stratch. I am currently in Brazil so coconuts are plentifull and very very cheap. It was well worth the effort.

Low fat cheese cake

In Israel the supermarket sell a lowfat (from .5% - 9%) soft white cheese, about the consistancy of yogurt. I use 500 grams of the 5%. I make it sometimes crustless and sometimes with a mixture of ground almonds and coconut depending on my mood, but for a lowfat cheesecake, it has full flavor but without the heart-ache (double meaning intended).

morrocan style spicy talapia with red sauce

excelent with a fresh salad to accompany

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