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Recipes I've Shared:

rayne's macaroons

chocolate chip coconut macaroons

rayne's egg salad

simple egg salad (high calories low carb)

rayne's cabbage soup

low carb cabbage soup (or casserole, just add less water)

low carb fudgesicles

using vanilla coconut milk, you don't have to add much sugar.

rayne's cabbage un-rolls

low carb option to cabbage rolls.

rayne's green bean casserole

my take on it, low carb, tang from sour cream

rayne's strawberry cheesecake frozen dessert

something sweet with not tooooooo many carbs

rayne's low carb chili w beans

black soy beans keep this low carb

rayne's low carb chocolate nut squares

less than 10 grams carbs per 2 inch square

rayne's low carb flax sweet pancake

wow, this turned out great !!!
my new indulgence.

rayne's low carb chicken stir fry

bean sprouts no rice or noodles

rayne's low carb cabbage rolls

low carb using grated cauliflower instead of rice

rayne's low carb pizza

just trying this myself

rayne's spanish "rice"

spanish rice using cauliflower instead of rice

rayne's chai tea

low carb, i do not use artificial sweeteners
the extra vanilla makes the small amount of cane taste sweeter

rayne's blueberry muffins

low carb, but i do not use artificial sweeteners.
these puffed up nicely and had a nice taste and texture... VERY pleased with them

flour substitute

low carb substitute for flour

rayne's taco soup

low carb, using soy beans

rayne's pancakes

i don't use artificial sweeteners
this is a low carb pancake, i thought it tasted good.
i had it with fresh frozen strawberries (thawed so they made their own syrup) and some french vanilla cool whip

rayne's strawberry cream cheese pie filling

low carb cheesecake filling alternative

rayne's beef stroganoff

beef stroganoff made with cauliflower rice.

dark chocolate mousse

dark chocolate mousse, only 10 carbs per serving
has to be refrigerated for at least 8 hours, and is best eaten within one day, so either break down recipe if you don't need 8 servings, or share it.. :D

rayne's yeast flax bread

dense and slightly bitter. not bad toasted and topped with butter or almond butter tho. will keep tweaking.

rayne's broccoli cheese soup

simple to make, low carb

rayne's thai beef

spicy and satisfying.
i use wotever meat i have on hand, steak, ground, chicken.
using the shirataki noodles gives you the satisfaction of pasta without the carbs, and rounds out the dish nicely.
thin slice the cabbage (bok choi, napa, or regular, wotever you prefer) and throw it in the last couple of minutes to keep it crispy.

rayne's omelet

morning staple, i eat 1/3 to 1/2 at each meal, so use it for lunch or breakfast over 2 days

rayne's lemon cheesecake filling - no bake

yummy, tart, and light lemon cheesecake filling, no bake

rayne's graham cracker crust

low carb without using artificial sweeteners.
pecans give a nice crunch !!

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