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Doburi Soboru

A Japanese stir fry.

Kefir–Fruit Smoothie

Whirl homemade 2% kefir with frozen berries, a splash of maple syrup, and a T. of chia seeds. Makes 4 servings. Yum!

Swedish Chocolate Spice Cookies

Swedish holiday favorites -- dry and spicy, a very adult taste. Beautiful color contrast between the dark cookie dough and white almonds. 1 cookie = 1 serving (58 calories)

Skorpor 1 - 48 halves @ 40 calories each

Classic Swedish rusk, great as breakfast "toast," dunked in soup, appetizer "cracker," or snack. From

Rhubarb crisp - serving = 1/12 recipe

A reduced-fat, reduced-sugar crisp. Very tasty!

Polenta, Baked

Tasty traditional low-cal side dish

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