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Recipes I've Shared:

Keto mug bread

Can be varied by adding ingredients such as garlic & shredded cheese, cocoa & sweetener, Walden's pancake syrup, etc.

Jaynee's Keto Cinnamon Roll

VERY sweet!


Low cal cranberry orange sauce

A can of Ocean Spray Cranberry sauce, whole or gel, is 110 calories for a 1/4c. There has to be a better way! There is! Try this for your thanksgiving table!

FF, SF French Toast

I love a good hearty breakfast on a cold morning. With this recipe, I can have my comfort food and still keep calories low

Jaynee's Mini Banana Muffins

Adapting to make it sugar- and fat-free. Love me some banana bread!

Nonfat Jalapeno Popper dip

Yum! A guilt-free snack or meal!

Cheesecake salad

Mix yogurt and dry pudding mix. Gently fold in Cool Whip, then the fruit. Serve!

Molly's Freaky Fritters

A nice indulgence, lower in calories than store bought!

Bacon Onion and Sausage Quiche

I will use Low fat sausage, skim milk and fat free cheese next time!

White Cake Low fat, No sugar

Baking a cake for my diabetic husband (her Dad), my daughter and fellow Sparker Molly1990 developed this recipe.

Rhubarb Cake

Great for Easter dinner!

Sweet Potato chips-unfried!

Sometimes I just need a chip, don't you? These are great without the guilt.

Jaynee's Tuna-Egg Salad

A little extra protein for the day!

Oat bars

Looked for this recipe for a couple of years. Finally found it!

Peanut Butter Granola Bars

High calories! Use caution!

Jaynee's Chocolate syrup, sugar-free

Make this as thin or thick as you like by varying the amount of water that you use.

Jaynee's Sugar-free Pumpkin Spice Cookies

Yummy way to get your seasonal favorite taste without the sugar!

Jaynee's Sausage Cheese roll-ups

This is a great on-the-go breakfast

Jaynee's Pumpkin Butter

Very good with waffles, or muffins, or bread or angel food cake (shown) or.....

Mini Chocolate roll ups

When you need just a little taste of chocolate!

Cinnamon Roll Up

Oh, what a delicious treat!

Pepperoni Roll-ups

Fast and delicious! They are a little messy though, for car snacks, as the phyllo crumbles.

Phyllo Pecan tarts

Still not diet food, but portion controlled

Kettle Corn

Yeah, I eat the whole batch!

Chunky Monkey

This might be called the "Chunky Monkey, but if you eat this instead of a high calorie dessert you will be anything BUT chunky!

Very Good (1 rating)
3 ingredient banana bread pancakes

Easy, fast, delicious!

Very Good (2 ratings)
2(+) ingredient cookies

These are amazing. Think of them as meal replacements, not just dessert or snack!

Jaynee's Boca Chili

Fast and delicious. My husband is a carnivore, but likes this chili! My (adult) children get cravings for it!

Gingerbread Biscotti

This was my first attempt at making biscotti and I am hooked. Now I have to work at 'skinnying' it up!

Chocolate peppermint merengues

This is so festive for Christmas and easy to make

Jaynee's Very Banana Muffins

No added sugar and no fat, this is a dream muffin!

Fat Free Banana Muffins

I love banana bread, but the usual 1c butter just over loads my calories for the day. I trimmed even more fat by using egg substitute instead of whole eggs and cut the sugar by using Brown Sugar Twin. You could substitute Splenda instead. I upped the fiber content by using Flax for part of the flour. This is more like a dough than a batter. Expect it to be thick!

Easy, fast Banana Pudding

Made super easy, low cal and fat-free! Comfort food without the guilt.

Harvest Stuffed Acorn squash

This is great for Thanksgiving or anytime. You decide if it is a side dish or dessert!

Jaynee's Black bean chili

I like my chili with meat only or beans only; don't mix them! This is my meat-free chili.

Jaynee's Tuna Macaroni Salad

I love this on a hot summer day. My problem is in limiting myself!

Tuna salad

This is an easy go-to when hungry.

Jaynee's Hearty beef stew

Nice to have in a crock pot at the end of a long fall day.

Sweet potato Custard

Out of pumpkin? No worries! Sweet potatoes (yams) make a great substitute!

Glazed carrots

Even though many of us try to shy away from butter, it is far healthier for us than margarine and transfats. Furthermore, the Vitamin A in carrots is a fat soluble vitamin, which means you need to tke fat with it to utilize the vitamin. It tastes good, too!


A traditional Mexican dish, you can substitute any meat for this or a combination of meats. The heat is a metabolism blaster, too!

Very Good (1 rating)
Green Bean "Fries"

My grandkids love these and I have found they make a great late night healthy snack.

Jaynee's Sweet Cole Slaw

I really don't like vinegar or any sour (as my husband calls 'tangy') foods. Give me Cole Slaw along the lines of KFC! I have been eating a lot of this since starting my new fitness program.

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