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Recipes I've Shared:

Cat's easy Pasta Fagoli

Olive gardens pasta fagoli. using Italian sausage. no pasta is added to the caloric breakdown. (trying to low carb it a smidge)
I use almost all no salt added items. no salt canned items were not available in database, so sodium is a lot lower in my pot.

Not yo Mama's Banana Pudding, Paula Dean

From Paula dean... they say this is 12 servings but my family splits the servings to make 24

Pancake Muffins

small pancakes you can store easily... Lower in sodium too. I am on a salt sensitive diet and i miss pancakes!

low sodium oatmeal cookies

got this from

Lower Sodium, high protien Nann

this is half the sodium for naan bread that you find in the stores. it uses greek yogurt so you get protien!

Low Sodium Cupcakes made with yogurt

I got this off of there is a link avaiable. I used featherweight baking powder b/c i am sodium sensitive. thats the only think i did different. my frosting was powdered sugar and a little milk.

Raising Canes Sauce, Imitation lower sodium

I needed a lower sodium option for this awesome sauce!

DASH Bean and Tortellini Soup

this is from the DASH diet book by thomas moore

its not exact to the book but similar... i couldn't find all the low sodium options in database.

Zucchini Fritters

Got this from Atlantis Home Food Blog. Lots of healthy recipes! I need low sodium...

Very Good (1 rating)
Spicy Black Beans with Shrimp

Either have this alone or put it on rice :)

Chris's Pralines

This is really fattening and full of calories but my husband makes really good pralines. these are a treat.... wrap them up in sran wrap and enjoy up to two weeks!

Kitchen Pasta Salad

I call it kitchen b/c it is what I had laying around. I wish I would have added cucumbers.

Fiesta Chicken

Crock pot meal!
250 calories and 10 grams fiber per serving

Martha's White/Wheat Pancakes

sub for white flour, King Arthur White wheat flour

Pineapple cake

good alternative to pineapple upside down cake. weight watchers recipe

Family Pancake Mix

Passed down from my great grandmother!

Catherine's Enchiladas

simple enchiladas.... Feel free to cut down on the cheese... My hubby doesn't like to skimp on that, neither do I ;)

Incredible! (3 ratings)
Greek Spinach and Turkey

This really isn't that Greek, but it has feta and you can top it with katamala olives.

Catherine's Mormon Potatoes

Original recipe is called Mormon Funeral Potatoes that I got from a good friend. Its a family favorite!

20 Garlic cloves Chicken

saw this in a kraft magizine.... added the roasted vegies to it...

Incredible! (2 ratings)
Catherine's Chicken Divane

yummy traditional meal to warm you up

Incredible! (4 ratings)
Sensible Kettle Corn

A sweet treat for 2! Or make it for yourself and put half ina ziplock bag for later :)

Twice Baked Potato Mash

Qucik side dish for rushed meals

Crab Chowder

Makes 8 1 cup servings... VERY rich!

Velveeta Mix

A little high in the fat and calories but worth it to spoil yourself... use ground turkey too make it extra lean! i used lean ground beef in the ingredients..

Catherine's Pasta Salad

a quick side dish! add as many vegies as you like!

Catherine's Mini Meatloaves

wanted meatloaf one night...although this is not a very "healthy" meal. Its the comfort food we sometimes need in the fall and winter!

Shephards pie

an old favorite with a little flare

Gumbo, chicken and sausage

Thsi is an easy cheat I found one day while shopping. I always made my gumbo from scratch and i was tired of slaving over the stove for the perfect roux. this is healthier because there isn't as much oil as the from scratch way of roux making! yeah!

Cajun Shepherd's Pie

For those of you who like a little spice, cajun Style