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Ice Cream Salad . . . Made Healthier

Do you like the Ice Cream treat, Drumsticks? If you do, this is the recipe for you.

Ice Cream Salad

I call this "Drumsticks In A Pan." That is the easiest way to explain it

Frozen Fruit Sherbert

Frozen deliciousness !

Easy and Lighter Black Forest Cake

Believe me, this is easier and lighter than any Black Forest Cake I have ever tasted.

Cherry Ravioli

Necessity is the mother of invention. What to do with 1/2 can of Cherry Pie filling, 4 oz oz cream cheese and 2 refrigerated pie crusts?

Waffle - Wet Ingredients

Add this to the Dry Waffle Mix then make waffles using 1/8 C per waffle.

Waffle - Dry Mix

Add dry ingredients to this mix for your morning waffles.

3-2-1 Devils Fod Cupcakes

Ever have one of those days when you want cake, but if you made one you know you would eat the whole thing?

I know, been there, done that, right?

Here is the recipe mix for you. Once cupcake at a time, hot out of the microwave. One serving that will satisfy your cake craving.

Bread Pudding French Toast

A new twist on an old fashioned dessert. It is a recipe of approximations. The amount of liquid you use depends on how well the dried bread soaks up your liquid. SO you might want to start with smaller amounts of liquid then add more as needed.

Crescent Roll S'Mores

This is a tasty, inside version of a campfire treat.

Pumpkin Pie from Scratch

Place whole pumpkin in oven, set at 200 degrees. Roast overnight . . . VIOLA, fresh pumpkin puree after you remove the skin and seeds! Oh, and it can be frozen.

Breakfast Pizza Muffins

A simple breakfast pizza made with pizza dough, egg substitute, bacon and reduced fat cheddar cheese.

Oven Pancake with Maple Topping

This is an upside down recipe. The topping goes on the boottom of the pan and the pancake batter goes on top of it. When served, turn the "pancake" upside down to serve.

Crock Pot Steel Cut Oatmeal

I love Steel Cut Oatmeal. But I HATE making it in the morning. This recipe is perfect . . it cooks overnight and is ready for me in the morning.

I have founf out thet it tastes VERY good with a scoop of vanilla ice cream served on top. This discovery was made when I used all of our milk in the recipe and I like my oatmeal with milk.

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