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pineapple cream cheese icing

This is great on carrot cake.

Mom's Vietnamese spring rolls, fried

Set aside at least a few hours from start to finish, or mix the ingredients the night before and wrap the next day. You should definitely fry the same day you wrap. It takes one person pretty much all day from start to finish, so recruiting help is suggested and definitely more fun. Frying all the spring rolls takes time and depends on the size of your fryer. I usually add 1-2 small cans of crabmeat, but didnt have any this time. My brother also adds fresh ginger, but I prefer no ginger. I tried substituting the pork for turkey once but it just wasn't the same. Dipping sauce is optional, especially if enough salt is used. I'm not sure if 2 t salt is enough, but better to have too little than too much. Just don't forget it altogether. You can also use wonton wrappers for fried dumplings but they won't technically be spring rolls and they add about 10-15 calories per wonton. They are just as tasty, depending on your texture preference. They may be easier to fill for beginners, if you are not good at tightly wrapping rolls. They don't hold as much mixture, so you will have a ton! The calorie count included spring roll wrappers not wontons.

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