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5-Ingredient Easy White Chicken Chili
I improvised a bit, adding more of the salsa and a tub of pico de gallo from the deli. I also eliminated the cumin called for in the original recipe at the link.

Avocado, crab, and shrimp salad

Very nice cold summer salad.

Home made cream of chicken soup

Use as a substitute for condensed cream of chicken soup in recipes. If you will be simmering chicken for the recipe, you can make this with the water used to cook the chicken.

Chicken Bog (Paula Deen's but w/brown rice, less fat)

I love Paula Deen's Chicken Bog, but it is really high in fat and uses white rice. I made this with less butter, chicken breast meat, less sausage, and brown rice. I used regular fat sausage because I think the sausage is the most important flavor in this recipe, but I used less of it. You could use lower fat sausage if you prefer. I do think the butter adds flavor, but you could also cut that out to make it healthier


Eggs scrambled with sausage, potatoes, crushed tortilla chips and cheese.

Creamy Corn and Black Bean Salad

Salad of corn, black beans, and tomatoes. Can also be made with chicken.

pomodoro pork stir fry

I came up with this after having Pomodoro Bruschetta at Russo's NY Pizza. I loved the flavors, but was looking for something low carb, so I took away the bread and added meat and mushrooms. Chicken would work too.

Not included in the added ingredients - olive oil or smart balance to saute with

Mexican Chicken casserole (variation on #197723)

Variation on Vanita's Mexican Chicken ( # 197723)

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