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Recipes I've Shared:

WhichHat's No-Bake Cherry Cheesecake

Altered my original recipe by replacing with: reduced fat crust, fat free condensed milk and no sugar added pie filling. My go-to favorite for the holidays - only healthier than the full-fat version I usually make!
You could probably replace the cream cheese with a low- or no-fat version as well to trim it a bit more.

WhichHat's Ratatouille with a Twist

Created upon discovery that I was missing a few ingredients from my favorite ratatouille recipe. Made it with what I had on hand and I think this has replaced my favorite.

Hearty and Creamy Tomato Soup

Very hearty, filling, and quick - one of my all-time favorite versions of tomato soup. I use whole milk and Kraft Original Philadelphia cream cheese. See my tips for suggestions on fat- and sodium-reducing ideas, although I am uncertain if substitutions will affect the flavor and body of the soup.

WhichHat's Couscous, Olive and Tuna Salad

Twist on my usual tuna salad, using olives instead of dill pickles and cottage cheese instead of salad dressing/mayonnaise. I also added couscous as an experiment and liked the heartiness it added.
Very yummy served on toasted bread.

WhichHat's Low-Calorie Brown Rice and Lentils

Adapted from a higher calorie Betty Crocker recipe. I substituted so many ingredients to utilize what I had on hand that it is pretty much a new recipe.

Herbed Couscous with Tomato

Remade to my tastes from SparkPeople cookbook (Quick Herbed Couscous with Vegetables).

WhichHat's Hurry-Out-the-Door Morning Smoothie

Very fast to make, light and fruity taste!

WhichHat's Clean Out the Crisper Drawer Salad

Spurred by the desire to not waste my veggies! In my enthusiam over eating healthier I over-estimated how much I could eat. This combination provided a lot of variety and helped use up the good stuff before it went bad.

WhichHat's Strawberry, Cucumber and Cottage Cheese Salad

This was inspired by the Strawberry, Spinach, & Cottage Cheese Salad from Daisy®, but I am not big on vinagrettes or onions. This recipe can easily be altered by replacing the cottage cheese I used with your favorite low-fat or no-fat brand.