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Recipes I've Shared:

Wild Caught Salmon with garden fresh Basil and Tomatoes

Very simple recipe with an unbelievable amount of flavor!

Sauerkraut & Turkey Smoked Sausage

Very simple! Don't buy generic smoked turkey sausage...I did that trying to save a buck once and it was awful. Eckrich, Oscar Myer and Hillshire all have decent turkey smoked sausage I keep stocked

Spiced Up Fruit Salad

This is a nice one to make at the beginning of the work week to bring in for your snack! It makes about 650g of salad. The tartness of the apple, sweetness of the pear and acidity from the orange all blend beautifully and surprisingly! I sometimes add a little nutmeg or clove to spice it up a little more as well :)

Slow-Cooker Fish Chowder from AllRecipes Magazine

This one is pretty simple and straight forward and surprisingly awesome!! This recipe originated from AllRecipes magazine but the one I've provided is how I make it. I highly recommend that magazine to shake it up in the kitchen! The original recipe calls for both shrimp & scallops but as I don't like scallops I just doubled the shrimp. Enjoy!!

Cuban Style Braised Fish

This is best with Chilean Sea Bass but very expensive. In a pinch any thicker cut less dense fish will do like halibut. In this recipe I am substituting cod which is what the calculations are for.

Spinach & Feta Pizza with Pesto on Flatbread

Admittedly, I use the super thin low cal flatbread so it's not very stable picking up unless you fold it over...but super yummy!

Veggie Fajita's

Very quick evening meal and surprisingly filling!

Real Raspberry Vinaigrette Dressing

There is no reason you have to add oil to a dressing to have flavor. This simple mix of REAL raspberry vinegar and honey is perfect for salads and an added bonus as a drizzle on sandwiches and wraps.

Simply Chicken

Very simple spice blend to make a rub for a chicken.

Very Good (1 rating)
Slow Cooker Russion Brisket

If you are not familiar with Eurasian food and would like to give it a go this is a great recipe to get you started!

5 minute apple cake

This cake is incredilbly simple to make and you certainly can't beat the calories!

Caldo Verde the Healthy Way

This Caldo Verde tastes fantastic without all the fat you get from traditional sausage and oil. It's also quite simple to makes.

Mustard Potato Salad

This is a favorite from my child...simple and delicious...but what potato salad isn't!!

Very Good (2 ratings)
Moussaka for less

I've been making this for years and it's definitely one of my favorite Greek dishes and goes from almost 700 calories a serving down to 488 by simply replacing oil with cooking spray :) Enjoy!

Pomodoro Sauce

Simple, garden fresh, ready in minutes and a taste that's out of this world!

Black Bean and Rice Salsa

This is just something quick I like to throw together as a side dish whenever I'm having a Spanish style main dish

Cuban Style Braised Chicken

This recipe originally calls for Chilean Sea Bass which is AWESOME in this braise...unfortunatelly sean bass is EXTREMELY expensive so this is my thrift store version which is still quite yummy!

McCormick Spanish Chicken Skillet

Another great recipe from McCormick...and healthy to boot!

Smokey Black Bean and Ranch Burger

This is an easy and simple spin on the black bean burger and it's bursting with flavor!

Very Good (8 ratings)
Broccoli Cheese Soup

This is a surprisingly healthy cream of broccoli and cheese soup that doesn't spoil the rich taste we all love. It's also incredibly simple to make :)

Mixed Berry Cornmeal Pancakes

Corn meal makes a fantastic wheat replacement and in my opinion better tasting pancake. For those trying to lower their wheat intake without losing out on grain give this recipe a try!

Barbeque Chicken Chili

This is a recipe I have been making for years and everyone who has ever tried it loved it immediately!

Apple-Crusted Pork with Sweet Potatoes

This recipe is usually made with veal but for those of us who are pinching pennies substituting pork is a fair trade. It is also really good with other types of vinegar, especially red wine or red wine and raspberry. This recipe is PACKED with nutrients and is one of my favorite fall recipes.