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Recipes I've Shared:

Sweet and Sourdough pineapple cheese rolls

Sourdough starter begins great favor.
Cut into 19 piece for rolls

Lakeside Sweet & Sourdough Bread ( 63 grams servings )

500 gram flour 150 grams starter 300 gram water

Homemade Lavender Lemonade

How refreshing and Calming

Kayley's Taco Soup - 2010 grams / 5 = 400 ml serving size

Yummy. Can be topped with cheese and chips can be added. Cheeses and chips are not in calorie count. All pre cooked ingrediences.

UltraGrain homemade bread 1 of 12 slices

Love this easy homemade bread from non-gmo flour.

Frozen Pineapple salad

Greek yogurt version of Lois

Hot Navy beans and Multigrain Rice Blend

Hot serving size of 290 ml per serving

Banana bread super healthy

Use apples, Greek yogurt, flaxseed and more to make a healthy on the go snack or meal

Rita's Oatmeal Buttermilk Pancakes w/Cinnamon

Like Mom would make. Requires planning.

Shirley's Nutmeg Muffins

Original recipe of Nutmeg Muffins

Julia's Fried Rice

Made healthy by using Brown rice and limiting the Olive oil. The hot sauce and peppers self limit the amount a person wants to eat.

Chili 2 / Julia

Chili with Ken's fresh peppers. Used tomato paste because I didn't have my normal veggie juice.