Recipes I've Shared:

Easy Flavourful Black Bean Dip

A super easy dip to make that is full of flavour, fibre, and protein. Vegan and gluten free. Also super easy to customize based on your own palate.

Savoury Almond, flax, and fruit balls

These amazing balls are perfect for a little pick me up. They're high in both fibre and protein and taste amazing (Seriously be careful you don't eat them all at once). These are great to bring to school or work; just wrap in a little plastic wrap.

Chickpea Broccoli Feta Salad

Delicious low calorie salad that's colourful, flavorful, and high in both fibre and protein. This is crazily easy and cheap to make but looks and tastes gourmet.

Great for a side dish, potluck, snack, or you can double serving size for a light lunch.

Tropical Shrimp Quinoa

Sauteed shrimp and red pepper with quinoa & mango. Colourful and tasty meal that's great for either dinner at home or potlucks and picnics. Leftovers are great when eaten cold for lunch the next day too!

Scrambled egg fiesta

Egg, red pepper, mushrooom, swiss cheese delight!