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Recipes I've Shared:

Gluten Fat Free Ham Spinach and Ham bake

Make ahead lunch or breakfast item Gluten Free


Make your own turkey burgers the kids will love them. Serve with a good mustard

Pork and Mushrooms slow cooked

Dry rub the roast with Mrs. Dash and pepper and let sit over night or for a few hours makes the meat that much more tastier

EGG WHITE +EGG Finished under the Broiler

Great Sunday brunch with left over meat and spinach. Kids will love it.

Quinoa turkey pork meatloaf Gluten Free

A low cal, Gluten Free Meatloaf. The Gluten Free bread crumbs are not bad. They are a Hannafords brand and not as expensive as others..
My family loves it

Sunday ham, chesse and potato

A warm Sunday omelet during the winter.. Plenty of leftovers to reheat for a hardy breakfast on Monday morn, or a slice for lunch with a salad.


When it's 0 degrees out and going down to 10 below, this soup will keep you warm all day with few calories
per serving


This is what I had on hand. I usually use chicken or turkey.
All Seasonings are to be adjusted to taste


Wonderful fish dish

Lite Eggs with real Cheddar

Use 1 eggmate to cut the fat use good cheese

Chedder, Ham Eggs Lite

When eggs ham and cheese call


For a taste as part of a healthy meal,

Sauteed Flounder Gluten Free

Serve these over fresh Spinach and Sauteed red peppers, onions and garlic (see recipe) Use a non stick pain

Oatmeal French Toast in a bowl

Adding an egg to your oatmeal along with some cinnamon and maple syrup, is like eating French toast. Great if you are Gluten Free

Apple Oatmeal Crisp w/ Almonds

Great for Gluten Free Cook this up and add a serving to your breakfast. or for any dessert. The apples weight is after peeling 1/2 of them and coring all of them.

Farmer Boy Greek Mag's reduced

This has more a of a zip to it and is not as thick as the original. I like it this wasy

Saute Mushrooms Onion Red Pepper have at the ready

Saute these veggies up ahead of time and use when cooking later in the week. Takes little time and can be done any time

Ground Chicken w/Kidney Beans Chili

2 ways to cook either slow cook or fast on the stove

Artichokes with Garlic

If you like artichokes, try this. Much better then serving with with butter.

Sauteed Artichoke hearts w/Peppers

A quick vegetable dish. This is good with any main meal. Or could be served over rice and or pasta.

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