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Sorta-Greekish Couscous Salad

A quick, easy, colorful make-ahead salad - great for hot summers and reliable for picnics, potlucks, and bag lunches. May be served at room temperature or chilled.

Raw Non-Alcoholic Eggnog (dairy/eggs)

Eggnog isn't just for Christmas - it's delicious year 'round! Made with raw dairy and pastured eggs and sweetened with maple syrup, it is loaded with healthy fats, fat-soluble vitamins, minerals, and a good dose of protein. Makes a smashing smoothie base as well!

Do NOT use "store eggs" (even those labeled "organic" or "free-range") for this recipe. If you cannot get true-free-range/pastured eggs from a known and trusted source, I suggest making a cooked eggnog for safety's sake.

Plum-Cherry Jam (with Pomona pectin)

A delish water-bath-canned, lower-sugar jam using Pomona pectin. Sweet and tart with some chunky bits in a smooth base. Really, it's a lot easier than it looks; it's a bit time-consuming, but if you get into a "groove" and have a few products going through the water-bath processing in succession, it's a great way to spend an afternoon.

Detailed instructions for water-bath canning can be found at:
along with loads of FAQs, recipes, tips, and "oh, so THAT'S how you do that!" information. So, I won't give really detailed instructions for canning the jam. The following methods for preserving jams are no longer considered safe: "open kettle", paraffin wax, inverting jars of hot jam, or processing in an oven, microwave, dishwasher, or steam canner (different gadget from pressure canner) - if you decide to go that route because your mama or grandmama did it that way for 70 years and she's just fine, on your own head be it. :)

Individual Crustless Quiches - Broccoli, Ham & Swiss

Delicious hot, at room temperature, or cold! Make these in Pyrex ramekins with lids and they make excellent packed lunches (in an insulated bag with a cold pack). Serve with a salad, perhaps a small crusty whole-grain roll - rye or pumpernickel would be perfect - and seasonal fruit for a light but filling meal. These are perfect for summer because the quiches can be made up ahead of time, kept in the refrigerator up to 24 hours (covered) and baked in the early morning while it's still cool, to serve cold for supper. Individual quiches are great when you have picky eaters or different special diets, because you can customize each one to suit a diner. If you have different "fillings", use parchment to line your pan and write the name of the diner on the parchment next to their quiche.

Mini Carrot Cakes with Yogurt Cheese Frosting

These cakes were created to be "gastroparesis-friendly", thus the lack of any of the usual carrot-cake "pieces" that are hard to digest. It is quite low in fat because most "GP-ers" cannot tolerate fat, but it is very high in sugar (and I really don't like using artificial sweeteners) so it should be reserved for a special treat.

Sprouted Wheat (or Spelt) and Honey Bread for One

Inspired by an original recipe by One Degree Organics
Shown: 3x6" mini loaves

Hide-The-Greens Blueberry Smoothie

Blueberries, ginger, and lemon do a great job of disguising spinach in this smoothie, for those who are still getting used to the "greens thing". Yup, it looks like something from a swamp...

The Ugliest Vegan Chocolate Shake Known To Humankind

Tastes much, MUCH better than it looks. NO, you cannot taste the spinach. I promise. Eat-with-a-spoon thick - I was aiming for the consistency of a Wendy's Frosty - and will hold you for hours.

Blondiedoodle Bars

You have Labradoodles and Cockadoodles, why not Blondiedoodles? No poodles involved, but a tasty, easy cross between blondies and snickerdoodle cookies. Lots of crunchy cinnamony topping to put streusel lovers right into heaven!

"Elvis Returns" Smoothie

Peanut butter, bananas, honey - Elvis' favorite sandwich, in drinkable form! Thangkew, thangkew verramuch...

Very, very filling!

Cinnamon Caramel Apple protein smoothie

one BIG smoothie (big enough to be breakfast or lunch) with 29g protein, under 300 calories!

Thanksgiving Smoothie (Cranberry-Orange)

Created for a Thanksgiving when I could not eat solid food, but wanted some of those familiar flavors. Since a turkey smoothie is not really all that appealing, and I didn't want pumpkin, the cranberry sauce was the go-to flavor. (I haven't liked the "pecan pie" smoothies I've tried so far, maybe I'll work on that one for the next holiday season.)

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