Recipes I've Shared:

HomeMade vegie soup

Something good for you on a cold winters day. or any day for that matter.

Tutti Mare Penne Rigatta

This is something my DH made. He likes to experiment when it comes to cooking.

Home Made Burritos

My version of taco bells burritos

Grandma's Homemade chicken and noodles

this is a comfort food , not made much , usually when someone is sick ,or just down in the dumps over something.

kale and fruit

I make this to get a variety of kale and other fruits and vegies in my diet. You can mix and match what ever fruits or vegies you like ,, I have done pinapple and peppers , before.

Anise Cookies

this is an italian cookie I make for my husbands family at christmas and other holidays. just trying to find the calorie count in a singer cookie.

Low Cal no sugar Latte

I love Lattes , so my husband a latte maker for christmas, and I found a low fat , no sugar way to enjoy my lattes

Recipes I've Rated:

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