Recipes I've Shared:

Apple Raisin Protein Bars

Sneaking in protein to some home made bars

Chewy Granola Bars

This recipe is easy to bake, can to be customized to taste, without mystery ingredients. If you want something more chocolaty try adding a chocolate PB or hazelnut with an added 1/4 cocoa powder. Substitute the broken graham crackers for your favorite cereal or cookie. for something more fruity use a fruit infused applesauce, and try a mix of dried fruits and white chocolate chips in place of the cup of chocolate chips. The possibilities are endless....

Protein Pudding Squares

Fluffy, sweet snack bars made from whey protein powder and instant sugar free pudding mix!

Pumpkin Protein Bars

Satisfies the sweet tooth without the guilt. These pumpkin bars even have a little protein boost!

Chocolate Protein Cake

The pleasure of dessert without the guilt!

Homemade Protein Bars

Just as good and cheaper than store bought.

Protein Meatloaf

The taste of home without the baby weight

White Chocolate and Cranberry Oatmeal Cookies

Oat flour and splenda take off the evil edge of this cookie