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Gluten Free Fudgy Brownies

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Coconut Flour Brownies

I will be the first to admit I love traditional baked goods...really love them! The problem is they really have no nutritional value and quite frankly are pretty bad for you as well. They are almost always filled with white sugar, bleached flour, and, personally, leave me feeling quite crumby. ;) So, although I confess to the occasional splurge for parties and social functions, I try to feed my family as sensibly as I can as often as I can. I am always looking for healthier alternatives to 'traditional' ingredients and researching which ingredients pack the most nutritional punch. I carry this into my regular baking as well. Just because something is considered a treat does not mean it can't be somewhat nutritious as well. So throw out that white sugar and replace it with honey, agave, or another natural sweetener, use butter or coconut oil instead of vegetable oil, and find yourself some coconut flour to replace nutritionally hollow, bleached, white flour. You won't regret it and your body will thank you!

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Spaghetti Paleo Style

This is probably the easiest meal ever! And the best part, the actual labor/prep time is about 10 minutes. Hooray for all the busy paleo healthy eating mommas out there!! And at only 220 calories a serving how can you go wrong?!?

Paleo Pesto 'Pasta' with Mushrooms

Did you know Italian Food is the most commonly craved food? I believe it, I am always craving pasta! The problem is pasta does not even come close to fitting into a paleo diet! Well problem solved, zucchini can easily be substituted for those carbohydrate filled things called noodles. In this recipe I use a peeler to create fettuccine style 'noodles'.

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Paleo Coconut Flour Banana Pancakes

Since our family began eating paleo I have been on the lookout for a good pancake recipe. Grain free pancakes can be pretty tricky, it seems they always fall apart or are dry, or are just not right. After experimenting with more recipes than I care to think of, I have finally come up with my own Paleo, Grain Free, Gluten Free version of Banana Pancakes!

Before we get started there are a few things I want to note. As with most gluten free baking/cooking you need to do things a little differently than you may be used to. Cooking and baking without gluten really is a totally new way of preparing food. So here are a few tips for preparing pancakes without gluten:See the full recipe at

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