Recipes I've Shared:

Morning Rice

Are you tired of the same old thing for breakfast? Try this oriental inspired healthy idea.

Gomoku Umani

Traditional simmered chicken and vegetables. This is a comforting dish, often prepared by Japanese mothers for their offspring.

Lemon Garlic Hummus

Easy to make, Hard to stop eatting.

Yummy Spicy Homemake Black Beans

I make these Black Bean to go on my Burrito Salad. Sounds weird, but everyone I have fed it to asks me to make it again and again.....

To Die for Burrito Salad Chili

This easily prepared Chili is made with homemade or canned black beans which are high in fiber and protein.

Asian stir-fry soup

If you like stir-fry you'll love this soup loaded with Fiber and Vitamins.

Chicken Stirfry

A quick stir fry with lightly sweetened soy sauce. Serve with a bed of hot cooked rice if desired.

Feta Tomato Salad

This simple recipe is packed full of flavor and nutrition.

Very Good (2 ratings)

An essential part of the traditional Japanese breakfast.

Mochi Soup

Japanese mochi rice cake soup. Japanese people often eat it in the winter to warm themselves.