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This is the recipe i solved in january 11, 2013, TODAY is nov3 2013, . THERE IS NO BEEF SOUP BASE IN kentucky fried chicken gravy, or condensed chicken soup or do you add more gravy to make gravy, si this is an original recipe not copied , . i think you should have it and compare. .YOU MUST HAVE CHICKEN CRACKLINGS OR DON'T BOTHER TO MAKE. so use this coating mix on your chicken, to get cracklings.

kentucky fried chicken egg and milk mix

This is the MILK and EGG mixture containers from the 70's . people think kfc uses an egg wash and they do, just not like you think. They use egg powder and instant milk powder, added to the flour, not in a bowl and add water. i scaled down to 3 cups of flour (375 grms) and will add measurements after.

kfc basic flour

this is just the flour formula minus spices. I have scaled it down to 3 cups from a 25 lbs bag. Notice no mention of egg whites powder and milk powder. now removed from basic formula flour. Also soon to be removed are the herbs and spices and added separetly later.
so. thanks to kfc for breaking it down so its easier to figure out,,,

kentucky fried chicken vials

new cellery powder proof photo added nov 14,
What ever h&S is in chicken breading, is also in the gravy and vise versa..
The kentucky fried chicken vials i solved on jan 11,2013.It is what it is. THESE VIALS ARE A TYPE OF BBQ SEASONING.
WARNING FOR ALL KFC RECIPE HOUNDS searching the net, skip any recipe that doesn't use EGG POWDER, the col. and kfc does...the proof is an old photo from lees famous chicken, breaded the same as harland sanders . notice no bowl of egg wash...

i have perfected the kentucky fried chicken gravy, i have taken samples to kfc and people eating at kfc. people all agree mine is far superior than kfc i will spent the next few days proveing i have solved so far and you decide. i will add photos to verify. oh yes ,, i brag cause i can back it up.
Its was originally called " spices and herbs " by the col. himself numerous times in early quotes from his book.
in 1975 , a photo of a bag of seasoned flour called " VEGETABLE HERBS AND SPICES", after that PEPSI owned it and became" HERBS AND SPICES", then "SECRET HERBS AND SPICES"THEN YUM BRANDS took over and it became" our 11 herbs and spices ,
kentucky fried chicken slowly became kfc so not to loose faithful customers.but in the 70's , VEGETABLE is the key word for herbs that don't cook off while frying. oh and history time line shows he figured out his GRAVY RECIPE FIRST then the chicken..
REMEMBER:the spices do coat the chicken for flavour, but also alters the oil favour, which in turn the excess flour,herbs, spices, fall from the chicken to bottom of fryer and cook createing the famous cracklings sludge. photo 2nd from bottom show a kfc sludge or cracklings collector.

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