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Recipes I've Shared:

Chilled Cucumber Soup with Yogurt, Cilantro, and Coriander

such a light refreshing soup as an appetizer as with a sandwich. also a great way to use up some of your bountiful crop of cucumbers. :)

Cherry Pepper Relish

so good on sandwiches, salads, or stirred into soups

Browned butter-pine nut sauce

this is not here as a health food. it is here because it is absolutely lovely drizzled over pumpkin or butternut squash ravioli!

Creamy Dijon-Balsamic Dressing

This is one of my all-time favorite dressings! I love the thick consistency that clings to ingredients. I love the acidic kick.

Very Good (2 ratings)
Peaches and Cream Pretzel Pie

Light, cool, creamy, slightly sweet, slightly tart, and bit salty. perfect blend for a hot summer day.

Blueberry Streusel Muffins

i love the mix of blueberry, lemon, and cinnamon in this muffin!

Lemon Glazed Cake

simple cake that can be baked in a bundt/tube pan or a 9x13.

Basic frittata

basic recipe from
e-frittata/. make it your own with the ingredients you choose to add to this. nutrition is just for basic ingredients.

Carolina Chicken Bog

the key is in making the homemade stock

Microwave Salted Caramel Sauce

Super quick and easy! delicious too!

Soup: Beef, Bean and Pasta Soup

similar flavors to pasta figioli, but less complicated.

Soup: Terrie's Own Broccoli Cheese Soup

This is my take on a lighter, healthier version of broccoli and cheese. Heavy on the broccoli and light on the cheese.

Carolyn's Red Beans and Rice

cooked long and slow, these are the real thing.

Cake: Loaded Blueberry Buckle

adapted from a cook's illustrated recipe. this is NOT light. it is, however i delicious way to use the bounty of blueberries that come our way every summer.

white barbeque sauce

great on grilled chicken

blueberry sauce

fresh, fruity, and lightly sweetened. this is good over almost anything...pancakes, waffles, bagels or english muffins. yogurt, cottage cheese, cream cheese, even melon and salads! the possibilities are endless...

Dressing: Blackberry Balsamic Vinaigrette

delicious on salad, over fruit, even yogurt or ice cream/frozen yogurt!

broiled grapefruit with honey, ginger, and thyme

the bit of thyme really makes this dish stand out

roasted asparagus with egg

easy and delicious way to work veggies into breakfast

Soup/Stew: Mexican Chicken-Corn Chowder

Filling, delicious. add a salad to complete your meal.

No-Bake Chocolate Energy Bites

Quick, sweet, healthy energy!

thai peanut sauce

gerat on pasta or a salad

adobo criollo

nice, simple marinade for chicken

buttermilk cornbread

add jalapenos and cheddar cheese for a delicious variation

Soup/Stew: Homemade Chicken Soup

warm, hearty and loaded with chicken. perfect for cold winter days

Terrie's Bavarian Kraut

this is my personal version. it includes no caraway seeds and no added sugar...because that's the way i like it. great with turkey sausages!

Soup/Stew: Italian-style Beef and Pepperoni Soup (Pizza Soup)

light, warm, flavorful. really good served with a slice of cheese toast.

Blueberry 'Boy Bait' Coffee Cake

this is just a simple, old fashioned coffee cake, but it's also surprisingly good

Soup: Tuscan Sausage Tortellini Soup

Healthy, warm and satisfying on cool days. Garnish with parmesan and serve with a crusty bread to round out the meal.

Mojo Criollo

Simple, but delicious marinade for chicken

Meatballs and Marinara

These are not fancy, they are weeknight meatballs. i love to eat mine on a hoagie roll with a bit of mozarella cheese sprinkled over the top. they're also good over pasta

homemade adobo criollo

great marinade for chicken!

Very Good (2 ratings)
Salad: Waldorf Salad

nice use of fall apples

Coconut-Pecan Granola

Crunchy, nutty topping for yogurt, fresh or baked fruits, or just to snack on

Fresh Cherry Sauce

delicious over yogurt, ice cream, or sprinkle with granola warm, and eat it like a cobbler

Pineapple Salsa

Serve with Hoisin BBQ Steak-on-a-Stick

Salad: Terrie's Grilled Chicken Waldorf

i was inspired by a salad i ate in nice restaurant recently. it was delicious, but it was also $18! i thought, "i can do this at home much cheaper". mine is not the's better!

Grilled Chicken Breakfast Burrito

an easy, hearty, breakfast that will keep you going all morning

Very Good (2 ratings)
Salad: Cobb Salad

classic and always satisfying. i love that you can easily play with quantities of ingredients to tweak the nutrients to fit your personal diet goals.

Dressing: Red Wine Vinaigrette

serve on cobb salad (recipe listed separately)

blueberry pancakes

light an fluffy! these are so good i can roll them up and eat them without adding syrup! :)

BBQ Chicken Flatbread

this type of recipe can be varied endlessly. wanting to keep my diet high protein and reasonably low in fat, i pile this high with chicken and refrain from the fatty additions of things like avocado, bacon and ranch. however, i'm sure they're delicious on the occasional splurge.

Very Good (3 ratings)
Salad: Creamy Dilled Cucumber Salad

light, creamy...a perfect way to use the bountiful crop of cucumbers that comes your way in the summer!

blueberry lemon trifle

light dessert with lots of fresh berries

Salad: Roasted Corn, Blueberry, and Cucumber Salad

Perfect way to use your summer fruits and veggies!

Blueberry Ginger Shrub

an experiment with some of my fresh berries.

Poultry: Quick and Easy Cheesy Chicken Broccoli and Rice Casserole

When using the ingredients recommended, this dish goes together quickly...from start to table can be under 30 minutes!

Asian Grilled Chicken

Serve with Chopped Asian Salad to make it a full meal.

Dressing: Chopped Asian Salad Dressing

Serve with Chopped Asian Salad

Spiced Egg Wash for French Toast

soak your favorite bread in this for a delicious breakfast! This recipe will soak eight pieces of bread.

Terrie's Black Beans

Simple and Healthy Served over Saffron Rice

crunchy no-bake chocolate peanut butter bars

this is not a healthy treat. it's just a way to satisfy your sweet tooth and know how much you can eat without wrecking overall.

lemon marinade for chicken

let your chicken breasts soak in this a couple of hours prior to grilling for delicious flavorful chicken

Dressing: Orange Infused Olive Oil

drizzle over citrus beet salad

whipped goat cheese

serve with citrus beet salad

Salad: Citrus Beet Salad

a cool change of pace. serve with whipped goat cheese and a drizzle of orange-infused oil. (recipes listed separately)

baked banana french toast casserole

a great way to use a brown banana

Dressing: Dijon Vinaigrette

delicious lightly drizzled over a spinach and apple salad

Frozen Banana Bites stirring, churning, baking, and so good on a warm day! and so much healthier than many of the other frozen treats we often turn to!

Pasta: Skillet Lasagna (my original version of a cook's country recipe)

Delicious. Goes together easily and cooks quickly. But heavy. Will try a lightened version next time.

corn and black bean salsa

great as a side, on tacos or quesadillas, stirred into rice, or just with a few chips. keep it in the frig all summer!

Bacon Fried Rice for Breakfast

a great way to use left-over rice and a fantastically new and different way to eat your eggs and bacon!

Terrie's Tropical Granola

sooo good! eat on its own or with some honeyed yogurt.

Salad: Chopped Asian Salad Base

One of my favorites. Keeps a long time without browning or wilting. Prep on the weekend and have a great, easy meals during the week!

chicken, adobo

this chicken is easy, delicious, and very versatile. great in tacos, burrito bowls, enchiladas, salads...

Soup/Stew: My Chili

i do not make my chili spicy. i let everyone add heat to their own bowl!

Terrie's Bolognese Sauce

requires several hours of cook time, but not a lot of hovering over it and stirring. slow simmer allows you to do other things as it cooks.

Vegetables, Garlic-Ginger Stir Fried

quick and easy. delicious with CHINESE BEEF WITH HONEY AND BLACK PEPPER SAUCE.

Beef: Chinese Beef with Honey and Black Pepper Sauce

serve over brown rice with your favorite stir-fried veggies. see my recipe for GARLIC-GINGER STIR FRIED VEGETABLES.

Very Good (2 ratings)
Cake: Avocado, Ricotta, and Olive Oil with Dark Chocolate

it's a cake...think pound cake, so i'm not claiming it's healthy. however, much of the fat comes from healthy sources, it's higher in protein than most desserts, and it's really delicious without frosting or anything else being added.

Zucchini-Basil Baked Chips

so crispy! great way to use this summer's basil and zuchinni!

Spicy One Pot Chicken and Pasta

quick, easy, healthy! add a salad; great for a busy, weeknight meal!

Steel Cut Oatmeal Baked with Blueberries and Almonds

a hearty breakfast dish that will stick with you all morning

tarragon-lemon pan sauce

takes your roast chicken to a whole new level!

Chicken, The Best Roasted Chicken Ever

simple, delicious, and healthy. roast your chicken on the weekend and have leftovers to use all week! see recipe for tarragon-lemon pan sauce if you want to dress it up.

Soup: Thai Chicken Vegetable Soup

lite but creamy, spicy, broth-based soup that will warm you on cold days

spinach dip

serve with whole grain crackers or bread and veggies for dipping. "dippers" not included in calorie total.

Pasta: Ziti Baked with Sausage

it's not light, but it's delicious and with and simple salad or some broccoli, makes a great meal that can totally fit into your meal plan.

Dressing: For Spinach Salad

spinach salad is delicious and nutrition packed. using fresh seasonal fruits and nuts make it even better!

Pear-Ginger Muffins

if you like ginger, you'll love these!

sweet potatoes & apples, baked

great alternative to sweet potato casserole at the holidays

Soup/Stew: Cooktop Cassoulet

if you're looking to reduce you fat intake use a lower fat sausage, but be aware that you'll probably need to add some olive oil for sauteing and you'll lose some of the depth of flavor.

smoothie, Pumpkin Pie

perfect for fall! fantastic, healthy way to get your pumpkin spice fix!

eggs, avocado scrambled

simple and satisfying

croissant with ham & provolone

simple, delicious, and healthy. what more do you need?

lemon-garlic pasta sauce (by EX4LTRAINER)

endless variations. this is a light sauce with bright, acidic notes. not at all greasy. and check the nutritional info. it contains lots of great vitamins and minerals

blueberry sherbert

a great way to use all those blueberries you just picked!

Omlette: Ham, Provolone, and Avocado

hearty and satisfying without the guilt. a fantastic breakfast with a piece of whole wheat toast and/or a fruit smoothie!

peaches, caramelized

a fantastic way to use your fresh peaches. great for dessert or even with an egg and whole wheat toast for breakfast.

terrie's lemonade

not too sweet. so refreshing on a hot summer day!

smoothie, cherry

healthy and delicious!

smoothie, cantaloupe & mango

double this if using as a meal replacement.

smoothie, morning power

great way to start your morning. tart cherry juice also makes it a really good recovery drink.

smoothie, tropical

so good...and good for you! who needs milkshakes?!

Sandwich: Grilled Chicken, Strawberry, Basil and Goat Cheese Panini

such a great sandwich in the summer when your ingredients are fresh. also a great use for left-over grilled chicken.

smoothie, berry

fast, easy meal replacement

Muffins, Fresh Strawberry

another great way to use your fresh strawberries this season

smoothie, mixed melon

fantastic substitute for ice cream or milk shakes this summer!

smoothie, peanut butter protein

can easily be a meal replacement

smoothie, avocado

cool, creamy way to use that leftover avocado

Whole Wheat Pancakes

basic whole wheat pancake

Salad: Greek Orzo Salad

fresh spinach with orzo, grilled chicken, and feta

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